Monday, May 24, 2010

My first rugby game

Saturday the 24Th May was my very first game of rugby for Tamaki rugby club and I was feeling really nervous. On the way to the field we were told that we were to play Carlton Mt Wellington and that last season they had thrashed our team and that didn't help my nerves.

Pulling up to the field we could see a lot of other teams there as some games had already started but we were okay because we still had a full half hour before we had to go so this gave us a chance to go over some drills and warm up.

10.15 (time) the whistle blows and the game starts we were a bit slow to begin with but then found our feet and kicked into gear. Carlton scored the first try which knocked us back a bit but we kept our game faces on and went on to score two tries of our own. Half time and things were not looking to good for us so as we ate our oranges our coach Antz spoke to us about moving up and marking our player and told us we were playing a good game and as a team which he said was the main thing remember we started to feel a bit better.

11.15 final whistle blows the game is over and even though we didn't win we drew even which is awesome considering this is our first game as a brand new team so overall we were happy. On our way home we stopped and brought a cake for my sister because it was her birthday and then headed to the park for a picnic.

The rugby game that we won

After one whole day of rain I was starting to think that our Saturday morning rugby game against Carlton would be cancelled. Finally the rain stopped and I woke up to hear the birds singing and see that the sun was shinning. Realising that our game would continue I jumped out of bed had a wash followed by breakfast and got ready for my rugby game. As we arrived at the Tamaki Club Rooms I could see my team mates starting to arrive too, our coach was waiting for us and got us into practice mode where we had to do tackling drills and passing until it was time to move over to the field we were playing on.
As we lined up on started walking we could see our competitors and from where we were standing they looked bigger than us so the nerves started to kick in as this was the second time that we were to play them and it was in our first game of the season that we drew even with. When we reached our field the coach and referee spoke to us about playing fair and tackling below the waste then he said good luck and we took up our position. Before we knew it the whistle blew and it was game on we went in hard and fast but Carlton scored the first try but we weren't going to let that get us down that we pushed ourselves harder and scored the remaining trys of the first half.
With the first half of the game over we gathered on the side line listening to our coach while we ate oranges which was really good because of alot of us were starting to feel tired. Now feeling refreshed, back on to the field we went and we played harder than we did in the first half and with all our supporters encouraging us it made us work harder and as a team.
The final whistle blew and it was awesome to hear that we won our game, everyone was cheering and clapping even our mums and dads it was a great feeling. After shaking hands with the other team we headed over to the sideline and did our weekly ritual of thanking our parents for coming to support us and this is when our coach announced who would be capatin for the remainder of the season and to my surprise it was me (Raenan).