Monday, December 16, 2013

My Year Highlight

   This year is my final year being a student at Pt. England school. I have made so many friends here at Pt. England and it’s going to be heart breaking leaving them in a few days. During my time here at P.E.S my friends have helped me with my work and with the times when I was feeling down. This Year Waata has been one of my closest friends and he has helped me alot! especially with my work.
   I have been at Pt. England school for 8 and a half years now. Through out the time I have developed skills and have been given HEAPS of opportunities. We have visited the Museum on trips, we've been to MOTAT as well. I have been on so many trips with Pt England and I will always remember all the moments at P.E.S.  This Year I even had the chance to go to Waitangi  and spend four days there. On our last night at Waitangi we slept on Te Tii Marae.

   Ever since since year six I have been using my netbook device. We learn digitally and the netbooks are associated with The Manaiakalani Education Trust. I reckon that having my netbook has made my schoolwork a lot! easier. Using my netbook makes my life so much easier because I don’t need to write on paper and then have to rewrite my writing online.

   Sports for me at this school has been a huge success. I have played Rugby, Cricket, Basketball and  many more sports. I have LOVED playing sports here at P.E.S.  We have great coaches that have taught us all the skills we know today. I wish that I could keep coming to school for the rest of my life.

   To be honest, I wouldn't like to leave this school. I don't want to leave the teachers and my friends.  I don’t know what it’s going to be like without them. I think on the last day of school I am going burst in tears, it’s going to be a bit embarrassing. I really don’t want to leave Pt. England but I guess that’s life. So to everyone that has taught me and to all my friends, Good Luck for the future and God Bless. Love you all.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Year 8 Camp

My friends and I entered the bus hyped and ready for camp. Especially for the 5 hour drive that was ahead of us. After Mr Burt said a prayer it was time to board onto the buses. We grabbed our bags and off we went.

Day One: On our first day of camp we pretty much just spent our whole time on the bus. It was fun on my bus because Dillon was on my bus and he is the BEST guitar player in our whole school! We sang heaps of songs during the ride and the teachers were getting angry because we were a bit too loud. Once we arrived at camp we loaded off our luggage and got changed into clothing suitable for running/walking in. My highlight for day one was going for the 3.2 km walk in the bush. It was fun running past everyone, I almost fell off the track. My friend Serena was running along side me three quarters of the way.

Day Two: I didn’t like the fact that we had to wake up so early but I really enjoyed the fitness run that we did. I came first and earned an extra Luge ride. I also enjoyed being at the Agrodome. I got to carrying cute little animals. I even got to milk a cow! I loved carrying the rabbits because they were so adorable and fluffy.

Day Three: It was Thursday and we planned to go for a walk around the green and blue lake. We also got to swim in the blue lake. The weather wasn’t that great, but I still had fun. We were bombing off the pontoon and everything! ( Well I was trying to bomb. ) But my highlight of the day was swimming at Rotorua's aquatic centre, it was pretty cool there because they had a bombing pool INSIDE and they had a TRAMPOLINE too!

Day Four: On our final day at camp we had a something special planned for the day. We decided to go to the Luge! The luge ride was awesome! It was my highlight out of the whole camp! I got to for four rides on the Luge and the last time I went down my friends Crusader, Dillon & Jay’lee came with me. We tried to block off the whole track so NO ONE could pass us. But we kinda failed because we didn’t want to make anyone angry at us. After we finished our ride we were off, coming back to Auckland. By the time we got back to school it was 4:05 pm. and he left the Luge at 12:35 pm. I was happy to be home so I could see my mum, but now I really miss camp. When I get older I am going to take my own children down to Rotorua so they can have the same experience as me.

My Netbook Reflection 2013

This has been a successful year for me being in the Manaiakalani project. I have the internet access at my house which helps me out a lot! I finish my work off at home if I haven’t already at school and searching up new things at home  helps me learn from them too. This year has been the best year for me, using my netbook. I can’t wait to go to Tamaki college next year and use the new Chromebook.

This is my third year having a netbook and it has been getting better and better for me. My friends have helped me a lot! with my learning. My friends Kendrix & Waata help me with my school work and also with fixing my problems on my netbook. Waata and Kendrix are the experts in my class this year at fixing problems our class. They know how to reimage our netbooks and EVERYONE asks for their help.

Over the past three years, being a digital learner has helped me to improve my writing, especially with the help from our wonderful teachers here at P.E.S. I have learnt so many new things this year I think my mind is going to explode. One of the things that help me with my writing is the thesaurus, it helps me to use interesting vocabulary in my work.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Paul Walker

Paul Walker born September 12, 1973, Glendale, California, United States. He died on November 30, 2013 in Valencia, California, United States while he was fundraising for the typhoon that hit the Philippines. Paul Walker starred in the Fast and Furious Series and he was AWESOME in the movies. He became famous in 1999. When I watched the first ‘Fast and The Furious’ I straight away notice my star in the movie. That person was Brian O’connor. ( Paul Walker )

When Paul Walker died I didn’t even know. But then the 6 o’clock news was on and I saw that he has passed away. When I heard that he had died I was shocked! Especially hearing that he died in a CAR CRASH, when the movies that he starred in were to do with CARS. I can’t believe he is gone.

On Sunday, 8 December more than 3000 people went to the honour hour in tribute to Paul Walkers death. People were raising money for Paul Walkers Charity. The people helped to raise money for his charity.

Monday, December 2, 2013

My Mihi

Kia Ora Koutou,
Kua haere mai nei,
Ki tenei huihuinga,
Ki te mihimihi,
I nga whakaaro pai
Ka nui te aroha,
Mo to koutou maia,
Ki te haere mai,
Ki te ako,
I nga kaupapa,
E pa ana ki tenei wananga

Mihi (english)
Greetings to you all
who have come here
to this gathering
to greet
the good thoughts
Great is the love
for your strength
in coming
to learn
the topics

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Math Strategy

1. The world record for throwing a cellphone in 2012 was 102.68 metres. James attempted to beat the record but only managed to throw 97.89m. How much was he short by?
102.68 - 4.79 = 97.89
102.68 - 2.68 = 100.00
100.00 - 2 = 98
98 - .11 = 97.89
2.68 + 2 + .11 = 4.79

Sione uploaded a presentation to his blog but it was too big. In the HTML code he saw that the size was 920  pixels wide by  648 pixels high. He thinks if he reduces it to ¾ of the size it is, it should fit. What dimensions does he need to change in the HTML code?
230 pixels wide
920 divided by 4 =
(92 divided by 4 = 4 x 20 = 80  4 x 3 = 12 4 x 20 + 4 x 3 = 92)
4 x 200 = 800
4 x 30 = 120
4 x 200 + 4 x 30 = 920
230 x 4 = 920

162 pixels high
648 divided by 4 =
(64 divided by 4 = 4 x 10 = 40, 4 x 6 = 24, 4 x 10 + 4 x 6 = 64)
4 x 100 = 400
4 x 60 = 240
4 x 100 + 4 x 60 = 640
4 x 2 = 8
640 + 8 = 648

162 x 4 = 648

Tiaki is fixing part of his fence. The pickets he needs are .68m long each. How many metres of timber does he need to cut up 45 pickets?
If the timber comes in 5m lengths only what is the minimum amount of lengths he needs to have enough for 45 pickets?
The timber is $3.55/m. How much will he have spent?
Answer: 30.6
Strategy: 0.68 X ? = 45
0.68 X 10 = 6.8
40 = 27.2
0.68 X 5 = 3.4
27.2 + 3.4 = 30.6

Julia is an artist. She has been painting a huge mural for the town centre. For the main colour she used a 20 litre pail of white mixed with a 10 litre pail of blue. Unfortunately she ran out of paint before she finished the mural. She thinks that she will only need 6 more litres in total to finish. How much blue and white paint does she need to mix up to get the 6 litres of paint she needs that is exactly the same colour she has been using?

20 + 10 = 30
30 divided by 5 = 6
10 divided by 5 = 2
20 divided by 5 = 4
4 + 2 = 6
6 Litres in total

4 Litres of white

2 litres of blue

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Maths Strategy

1. The world record for throwing a cellphone in 2012 was 102.68 metres. James attempted to beat the record but only managed to throw 97.89m. How much was he short by?

Answer: 4.79
Strategy: 102.68 - 4.79 = 97.89
102.68 - 2.68 = 100.00
100.00 - 2 = 98
98 - .11 = 97.89
2.68 + 2 + .11 = 4.79

Future Aspirations

     On Thursday last week some  people came to our school. They came to tell us about our future aspirations. We started off in the hall all of the intermediate together and Andrew Patterson talked to us first and introduced us to the Visitors. Our visitors name’s are Mosa Mafileo, Emma Brown Tristan Pang, Aysha Hohaia and Caine Warren.  They all had interesting stories to tell us about themselves. They all came to tell us about their lives and they came to inspire us.

   Mosa Mafileo was the person who inspired me the most because he was funny to listen to and he had he hooked into what he had to say. Mosa is a very funny person and that’s what made his presentation awesome. When Mosa told us about his job I was shocked because at the age of 18 he is a politician who works for Len Brown as a youth adviser. As Mosa was talk he used a quote, “When you’re chasing your dream not only do you chase it, but you catch it.” Mosa Inspired me to chase after my dream. I would love to meet Mosa again in the future.

   The kind of business that my friend Kendrix wants when he becomes an adult is a cool business. He would like to own his own business that is cool and that makes a lot of money. He wants his business to be a fun business too. He also wants to have Sony or Apple products in his stores. Kendrix likes to play games aswell so he would sell video games, computer games and more fun and cool things like that..

Monday, November 18, 2013

My Strategy

In the hop, skip and jump (Triple Jump) the record for  men is 18.29m whereas the record for women is 15.5m. How much longer is the men’s record than the women’s.

Answer: 2.79
Strategy: 15.5 + .59 = 16.09
16.09 + 2 = 18.09
18.09 + .2 = 18.29
2 + .59 + .2 = 2.79

There are  8 boxes. Each box has 25 apples in it. How many apples are there altogether?

Answer: 200
8 x 25:
8 x 10 = 80
8 x 10 = 80
80 x 2 = 160
5 x 8 = 40
80 x 2 = 160 … 160 + 40 = 200

My Strategy

Trevor has to drive 422 km’s. He looks at his odometer and sees he has gone 289 kms. How much further has he got to go?

Answer: 133.
Strategy: Add 1 onto 289 = 290 … 290 + 10 = 300 … 300 + 100 = 400 … 400 + 22 = 422.
1 + 10 + 100 + 22 = 133

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Narrative Practise

“.. The Planes ..”
   I felt a little bump as I was eating my lunch. “Please put your seat belts on for a few minutes” the captain announced. “Far, lunch was yummy!” I told my mother. As I turned to the side I noticed everybody looking out their windows, I wondered what was happening? “Ahhhhh, The wing is down, the wing is down!” someone screamed. “We’re going down, we’re going down” our captain announced. Everyone was screaming. BOOM!

   Radiation from the crash stuffed up my mind. I still tried to call for my mother. “Mum are you there?” I whispered. “Mummy, mummy.” I was crying. As I looked up there were sparks of fire.

I looked around and saw many exotic plants. I didn’t know where I was. Crawling around bodies everywhere I tried to find out what had happened “Raenan, Raenan call if you can hear me.” My dad was calling. “Dad I’m here. Where are you?” I replied. I crawled towards my dads voice.

My Game

   ^.~ Tetris started in 1984, June 6th.  Tetris is a world class game.  I started to play Tetris when I was about 7 years of age.  Now and then I play Tetris and it’s always interesting. I like to play Tetris because you use blocks to build something and then once you make a line of blocks, the line disappears.  Sometimes I rage when playing Tetris because I can never destroy the blocks and it makes me angry! -,-

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dream Jobs

PoliceMan: I want to be a Police man when I get older because I want to be a person that helps in the community.
Pilot: Being a Pilot is a cool job to have as you would be traveling all over the world.
Sports Player: When I’m an adult I would like to play in the NBA or be a NRL player.
Flight Attendant: Being a flight attendant would be pretty cool because you get to travel all around the world for free. But while doing so you will be working.
Carpenter/Builder: Being a builder would be pretty cool when I get older because it is a physical job, and you make a lot of money. Well that’s what I’ve been told.

My Research



Career criminal Mark Chopper Read has confessed murdering four people, including missing Queensland bikie boss Sidney Michael Collins, in the last interview before his own death.
His first kill, he claimed, was as a teenager.
Read made the admissions in the tell-all session screened on Sunday night by 60 minutes but recorded 16 days before he died, aged 58, following a battle with liver cancer.
He claimed responsibility for two cold case murders, those of Collins in 2002 and union heavy Desmond Costello in 1971.
Outlaws Motorcycle Club boss Collins, who has been missing since 2002, was previously shot by Chopper in the stomach.
He said he later killed him when they caught up after one of his life-after-crime stage shows in Casino in northern NSW, and buried him near a football oval.
Chopper said his first murder at age 17 involved shooting Costello outside a Collingwood pub.
He recalled dragging the body of the Melbourne painter and docker with the help of an accomplice to the hotel's keg cellar. Police, though, never uncovered his involvement.
The notorious standover man also disclosed that he got away with killing paedophile and murderer Reginald Isaacs in Pentridge Jail in 1974, with authorities believing Isaacs committed suicide.
Chopper claimed he beat the man repeatedly before hanging him in his cell with his bed sheets.
Read said his third killing was that of Siam Ozerkam, aka "Sammy the Turk", in 1987 outside the Bowjangles nightclub in St Kilda, Melbourne.
He said he told police it was a case of self-defence, and was acquitted, with a jury finding him not-guilty.
Read, who spent 23 years behind bars, previously boasted killing over a dozen people but was never found guilty of murder.
Despite the trail of death, Read told presenter Tara Brown he felt no remorse.
Mark “Chopper” Read was a man which died because of liver cancer. Before his death, he admitted to killing four people.

These are his victims….. Desmond Costello, Slam Ozerkam, Sidney Michael Collins and Reginald Edward Isaacs. He died at the age of 58.

Friday, October 18, 2013

My Maths Work

Mahia's Mural.

I created two murals.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

D.L.O Reflection

World War 2 K,R,D from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Our movie was based on how World War 2 started and ended. Our purpose was to inform our audience about how Hitler framed Poland and also how U.S.A ended the war. I think that we achieved our goal for the week with the extended time given too. In our D.L.O we were trying to show that world war 2 was a massacre to the people that were involved. A lot of people didn’t return to their country because they were either killed or lost, missing in action. What I learnt from this event was that a lot of people were trying to fight for their own countries so people could have better places to live, without war.
A positive thing about our D.L.O was the finished product that we made. Another positive thing was our voice over because it clearly explained how World War 2 started and ended. I liked our sound track in the background because it was related to our movie about World War 2 as it talked about feeling and pain. We worked well together to finish our movie. We created good animations to go with it.
(Minus/things to work on)
Something that was a minus for our group was that we didn’t finish our D.L.O in the time frame given. During the week that we had, Darius, Kingston and I were in the production and we had practises during our literacy time which meant we didn’t have much time to work on it. But luckily we got another chance to finish it off and to perfect it. We managed to finish our D.L.O during the extended time given.
Next time I reckon we should add more  acting in our movie.
One of the interesting things for me were the facts that we found out because I learnt how world war 2 started and ended. Working with Darius and Kingston was pretty fun, as we would have little arguments about who was doing what. Especially Darius! He would always complain to Kingston and I about our animations. But overall I think working with Darius and Kingston was a good idea because we were on task and created a good product.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Presentation about dance moves

Writing Sample

“What mall do you want to go to today”? ASked Carl. I replied.. “Ummm I don’t really know but I’ll go anywhere you want to”. “okay we’ll go to Robinsons Manila and go to timezone”. “solid timezone”! “we have a lot of mall’s here in the philippines” Carl said. And is  The Robinsons mall is one of the newest mall’s here in manila“?

Waving our hands out to get the taxi drivers attention he carries on with a grin on his face. It had been almost 10 minutes and only 1 taxi had gone past. Fortunately Carl’s friend drove past and was going to robinsons Manila too so he gave us a ride. “Thank you so much man!” “we would’ve been waiting for a taxi for at least another 10 to 20 minutes!” I say thankfully to Chris.

Beep, Beep. Toot, Toot. All I can hear is horns been tooted from every single car in the lane! it’s SO annoying.

“Are we anywhere near to mall”? I asked. “yes we are about 2 blocks away from it” Chris replied.


Michael Jackson

Raenan, Waata & Darius from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Different Shots

Raenan, Kendrix from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Our Movie

R,X,T &Kendrix movie from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

This is a little something Xavier, Tavete, Kendrix and I out together during the week.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Carbohydrates Project.

For our task today we had to plan and present something in 50 minutes. Gabriel and I were working together. The subject that we chose was Carbohydrates. We managed to finish in time to present something in front of the class. Carbohydrates was pretty easy to do. Gabriel was finding pictures while I did the writing. Here is some of the work that we produced.

Carbohydrates is a nutrient that our body needs. It is an organic mixture made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Carbohydrates is the main energy source for our body. It is recommended that about 45-60% of our energy should come from carbohydrates.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Creative Reflection

Raenan: I felt happy as it was a very easy task to have during the week. I think the work we produced wasn’t enough too.

Raenan: One of the interesting things that I found out was that I’m not good at dancing. Another interesting thing I found out was that you have to hold an ipad horizontally so you don’t look like a muppet.

Raenan: Things I didn’t enjoy was having to wait around for my other friends to finish what ever they were doing

Raenan: The things I enjoyed this week was getting to work with my friends ALL week!.. :)

Raenan: The things I learnt this week was that we should manage our tyime so we can get more work finished.

Raenan: A self reflection for myself would be that I shouldn't have mucked around so much. Another one was that I should try to help more.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rainy Day

Don’t you just hate it when you slip in a puddle? Well I do because after awhile you end up smelling like a DOG. On the way to school yesterday I fell in a huge puddle. I’m not quite sure how I did it but I did I guess. The dirty water went straight through my shorts and it smelt REALLY BAD.

“Hey Raenan what happened?” said Waata laughing, I didn’t reply because I was embarrassed.  mine drove past in his car and he looked out the window and laughed at me. I felt a little scared as I walked into the gates of my school because ALL of my friends were standing around chatting to one another.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Rocks everywhere. Am I dreaming? Are they going to fall on me..? I think to myself. All the rocks are as big as the sky tower. It’s sun set but there is no sun to be found. The sky is looking very dull. There are no birds in sight. “They must be frightened” I said to myself with a smile on my face.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Diabetes Writing

Diabetes is a disorder which can be caused by many ways. You can get type 1 diabetes at birth. It can also come out of the blue when you are at young age. Type 2 is a genetic disorder which can be passed down from your family. Another way people get diabetes is from eating too much Junk food and just simply been unhealthy.

Carbohydrates : The food that we eat goes down into our stomachs and it gets broken down into carbohydrates, protein & fat. When your food digests your carbohydrates get broken down into glucose which goes from your stomach and travels through your bloodstream. It gets absorbed into your muscles and fat cells that becomes energy.

Your insulin acts like a key to unlock your muscle and fat cells so your sugar can crate energy for you. Without insulin your sugar can not get into your muscles and fat cells and you won’t have enough energy for the day this means you will feel tired and flattered. Diabetes can cause lack of insulin which means your muscle and fat cells cannot absorb the glucose (sugars) causing lack of energy.

Diabetes Is something you don’t want to have. Sometimes you just get it and other times you make yourself get by being unhealthy and making your body suffer. Having diabetes is bad for you because you will have to watch your sugar levels as you could die from a heart failure or something like that. If you get diabetes type one it just comes to you out of the blue but if you get type 3 then you need to exercise cut down on the junk food that you eat.