Thursday, November 29, 2012

Writing Sample

   There were, some kids going for a walk one day, exploring the wonderful bush. The weather report was good enough to go hiking on that day. They were going for the walk because they were bored during the holidays, they had nothing else to do.
   They had left their house at 8:00 am in the morning. By time they were deep in the bush it was 12:00 pm. They stopped to have a break and have something to eat. During their lunch Ahsin and Waata asked “mum can we go and play over there please” “yes” she replied and off they went...
   But what their mum didn’t know was that they weren’t just going to stay there they were going somewhere else too. They started playing where their mum could see them and soon had moved away a bit more around a bend. They were playing a game and Ahsin cheated and Waata just hates it when people cheat, so they started fighting over what had happened. Meanwhile on the other side of the bend their mum, dad, brother and sister were still eating almost finished ready to start walking again. Ahsin and Waata were still fighting too. Ahsin and Waata finally stopped fighting when they heard their mum and dad walking over to them. They had to go back and get ready to leave.
   They had just started walking and Ahsin and his sister were fighting this time. their mum and dad said to stop but they didn’t listen so Ahsin had to hold onto his mums hand and Hare had the hold onto their dads hand. They didn’t like that at all. It was starting to get late so they decided to go back home. The time was 3:00 pm. As they were walking home Waata had ran ahead say “I’ll meet you guys soon I just need to go to the toilet” he quickly ran into the bushes and did his business. but as he was about to get out of the bushes he slid down a cliff screaming in fear. His family rushed to the bushes as they heard him screaming. They saw Waata at the end of the cliff and luckily they brought a rope with them just in case. They threw it down down to him and he held on tightly as their dad and older brother James pulled him up.
   It took them awhile before they got him to the top but they managed to keep it together and had done it. They were all happy to see him and his mum had a few tears rolling down her face telling him she loves him. They all went home a bit frightened but they all had a good day.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Where I'm From Poem

    On Saturday Mrs. Squires one of our school teachers took us to the Museum for an
Urbanlife workshop. Grace Taylor who ran the workshop was a great source of  inspiration on writing poetry. I had fun learning about the "spoken word poetry". Grace Taylor recited two of her poems, they were very interesting. 
    One part of our workshop was writing a poem about where we are from. We wrote down words that describe our neighbourhood, putting it into a poem was a bit harder. This is my poem.

Where I'm from all you see people kicking back with friends friends listening to music
Where I'm from you hear birds chirping, seagulls screeching
Where I'm from you can smell petrol from the cars burning down the road
Where I'm from you can taste the salty sea

Grace Taylor encouraged me to write poems. I think you would like the Urbanlife workshops they are really interesting.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Friday, November 9, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

My Favourite Toy

My favourite toy is a Bike because I can get to places faster than if I walked. I like to ride my bike at the BMX track with my friends. My bike is a mountain bike and its not really good for the BMX track but I still have fun and that’s all that matters. The colour of my bike is green and black. It has gears on it, it goes from 1 through to 6. My bike is like my bestfriend because I ride on it nearly every single day. My uncle was the 1 that gave me my bike. He didn’t give it to me for a present or anything like that he just gave it to me. I like my bike so much, I look after it and make sure that I have the original parts on it.