Monday, October 3, 2011

Warriors VS The Melbourne Storms

NRL is a game that a lot of teams play from Australia and only one team from New Zealand plays professionally. The New Zealand NRL name is the Warriors and they have made it to the final. There are sixteen teams that play in the tournament (including the Warriors). I normally go for the Melbourne Storms but because they played the Warriors, I support the Warriors. I was so excited to watch the Warriors game I couldn’t wait. Melbourne storms are from Australia and were coming first on the leader board. The Warriors are were coming fourth on the leader board.
The Warriors Versing the Melbourne Storms was a really good game to watch because they are two really awesome teams. The first try was scored by the Storms then the Warriors third Warriors and the last for the first half Storms. It was so close in the first half because the Storms were winning then the Warriors and Storms I didn’t think the Warriors could do it. A while later the referee called a penalty against the Melbourne Storms, James Maloney took the conversion and got it in and the score for half time was 14 12 to the Warriors.

Now the score is 14 12 to the Warriors I felt like the Warriors were going to win at the beginning of the second half. There were so many chances for the Storms to score a try and be winning but they just couldn’t and the Warriors stayed in the lead for the rest of the time. “Go Warriors run! run!” I shouted. The Warriors scored a try and the referee up stairs had to look at it from the cameras. When the referee was looking he saw that Kevin Locke had knocked the ball on and it was called no try by the video referee. Go Warriors go yes yeah! the warriors just scored another try and are in the lead by 4 points and the score is now 18 12 to the Warriors. James Maloney did the conversion and got it in so then the score was 20 12 to Warriors. Now that the Warriors are in the lead by 8 points there’s no way Melbourne can catch up. At the last play of the game Shaun Johnson kick the ball straight to Manu Vatuvei and the ball just went out and they just let the time run out and the Warriors won 20 12.

I really wanted the Warriors to win and they did I am so happy for them. I liked it when the Warriors scored the tries because it made a more likely chance for the Warriors to win even though they did win. I hope one day I will play for the Warriors and be successful and maybe win the cup too.