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My netbook reflections

The things that I liked about having my own netbook this year, was been able to write directly into my google docs. Another thing that I enjoyed were the games that I could play during my free time. It is an awesome device to work with. There are many reasons why I like using a net book and 1 of them is that once your you don’t waste time sharpening your pencil or even trying to one.

Sometimes when I turn on my mini device the mouse freezes and I have to reboot it or it will not function. It takes time to re-pair netbooks and my one has been away for at least three weeks and I might not be getting it back until next year. Often when I click on the google chrome button it takes long to load my home page and I keep clicking, is it a network problem,computer problem or is it a me problem? NOT quite sure!

I have an advantage with my laptop. How you may be asking? Well I can get on with my work faster than usual. I don’t have to look in a dictionary, I can just type it in the search bar and there it is. Also another advantage is that I don’t need to write what I want to say I can type it, if I spell something wrong there would be a red line underlining the word.

The hardest thing for me was having to do work that was difficult because sometimes there is more hard work when I finish. The greatest challenge for me is been cyber smart on the Internet and keeping myself on task. Most of the time we are doing our work but if we’re lucky we might be allowed to play games. From time to time my electronic devices network would fail.

If the netbook scheme was to fail, some people would be defiantly be extremely angry! It would have been a waste of time working with a device like this if it was to fail. I think it would change our routine that we have stated lately.