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My netbook reflections

The things that I liked about having my own netbook this year, was been able to write directly into my google docs. Another thing that I enjoyed were the games that I could play during my free time. It is an awesome device to work with. There are many reasons why I like using a net book and 1 of them is that once your you don’t waste time sharpening your pencil or even trying to one.

Sometimes when I turn on my mini device the mouse freezes and I have to reboot it or it will not function. It takes time to re-pair netbooks and my one has been away for at least three weeks and I might not be getting it back until next year. Often when I click on the google chrome button it takes long to load my home page and I keep clicking, is it a network problem,computer problem or is it a me problem? NOT quite sure!

I have an advantage with my laptop. How you may be asking? Well I can get on with my work faster than usual. I don’t have to look in a dictionary, I can just type it in the search bar and there it is. Also another advantage is that I don’t need to write what I want to say I can type it, if I spell something wrong there would be a red line underlining the word.

The hardest thing for me was having to do work that was difficult because sometimes there is more hard work when I finish. The greatest challenge for me is been cyber smart on the Internet and keeping myself on task. Most of the time we are doing our work but if we’re lucky we might be allowed to play games. From time to time my electronic devices network would fail.

If the netbook scheme was to fail, some people would be defiantly be extremely angry! It would have been a waste of time working with a device like this if it was to fail. I think it would change our routine that we have stated lately.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Camp Bentzon 2011

Kawau Island was a very exciting destination because I have never been there before. Have you ever had the opportunity to visit Kawau Island? If not, you really do need to plan a trip here as it is a beautiful place with lots of adventure.

When we finally arrived I was excited and tried to help everyone with everything. We did eventually transfer all of our luggage and food for the week from the ferry to the lodge.

Of all the activities that I got to participate in, sailing was my favourite. After a short time practising on a sail boat, we sailed to a seawall and then on to an old boat on the shore. I was going at least 5KM and it was so much fun! As I was sailing at great speed, I was yelling “yeah buddy”! I truly had fun learning to sail.

Abseiling was also a highlight from camp even though it was a significant challenge for me. Why was this such a challenge? (you might be asking yourself). Well, let's just say that when I hear the word "heights"... I begin to sweat profusely! Yes, that's right, I am afraid of heights. As afraid as I was, once I got to the top, I was determined to get to the bottom. As I began to abseil down, I felt like I was power walking on the wall. Determined to get to the bottom, I eventually made it.

Every afternoon except for Thursday, we were allowed to go for a swim and jump off the pontoon. When we jumped off the pontoon I always made a funny face. Once when we were on this platform, everyone was on one corner of it and almost made the water cover the pontoon. Jumping off was both fun and exciting.

I felt good at the end of the week, but sad at the same time because I didn’t want to leave camp Bentzon. I enjoyed my time and can’t wait for next time. Kawau Island was a great experience for me. I had an awesome time and I know that you would too!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Going To Camp Benzon

Camp Bentzon sounds really awesome to go to. At our school when you’re a year six you go on a special camp to Kawau island, that would be awesome. Imagine been on a island for 4 days would you be scared? I sure would.
At camp I hope that we will be allowed to jump off the wharf and do bombs. I hope that we can play some foot ball when we have free time. When we go on hikes I hope that we will see some interesting things along the way.
I’m excited about camp because I’ve never slept on a island. I can’t wait because we are going to learn how to sail a sail boat by ourselves. Also making crafts will hard but exciting because we get to take them for a try when we finish.
I hope that the weather is FANTASTIC for the whole 4 days that we are on camp. If the weather is fine I hope that we can play some sports like foot ball, rugby in the water and much more. During the night before we go to bed I hope we can play some spotlight. (if the weather is fine)
Camp sounds so exciting and fun I can’t wait to go! I think going to camp would be a memory to remember. I reckon we will have a great time at camp. I feel excited anxious about at the same time.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Going To Camp

During the school Holidays I went to camp with riverside club. The riverside club is on nearly every Wednesday after noon at my school, it is for kids year 4 and up. Every year there is a camp for the years 5,6,7 and 8 that come to the riverside club and we usually go to Totara springs, but this year we went to willow park and every one could come with us and have a good time.
Every team had at least one year 8 leader and a leader 15 years or older. The older leaders that were looking after my team members and me were Jerome and David Clark,they were awesome leaders! We also had two more leaders that were year 8 and there names are Cameron and Kalim. In my cabin there was six of us and all of our names are Gabriel,Levi,David,Calvin,Francis and me. Every cabin had to come up with a name for their team and our name was the Spartans.
My most favourite part of camp was when we got to play on the Willow Park toys. The Willow Park toys were quad bikes, green machines,the scooters and the wobbly bikes. I always played on the quad bikes when it was time to play on the toys. I went as fast as I could and I even overtook one of my friends, Anthony. Another favourite part of camp was
get your own back. Get your own back is a game where you can get your leaders, you can throw mud and old food at them. You can even get sponges and put mud and dirty water and shove it in their mouths. Would you ever want to play this game with us?. When I was trying to get some mud Miss Va’afusuaga grabbed mud and spatted it all around my face and in my head I was yelling NO!. I can’t wait until the next time we play get your own back she’s my first target.
I enjoyed camp and hope we will have another experience like I had in the holidays. I miss Willow park already, I wish camp never ended! I really liked the staff because they were kind to us. The cooks were amazing too.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Coming Soon

I'm working on my writing about the riverside camp during the holidays. I'll have it up soon so stay tuned.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Warriors VS The Melbourne Storms

NRL is a game that a lot of teams play from Australia and only one team from New Zealand plays professionally. The New Zealand NRL name is the Warriors and they have made it to the final. There are sixteen teams that play in the tournament (including the Warriors). I normally go for the Melbourne Storms but because they played the Warriors, I support the Warriors. I was so excited to watch the Warriors game I couldn’t wait. Melbourne storms are from Australia and were coming first on the leader board. The Warriors are were coming fourth on the leader board.
The Warriors Versing the Melbourne Storms was a really good game to watch because they are two really awesome teams. The first try was scored by the Storms then the Warriors third Warriors and the last for the first half Storms. It was so close in the first half because the Storms were winning then the Warriors and Storms I didn’t think the Warriors could do it. A while later the referee called a penalty against the Melbourne Storms, James Maloney took the conversion and got it in and the score for half time was 14 12 to the Warriors.

Now the score is 14 12 to the Warriors I felt like the Warriors were going to win at the beginning of the second half. There were so many chances for the Storms to score a try and be winning but they just couldn’t and the Warriors stayed in the lead for the rest of the time. “Go Warriors run! run!” I shouted. The Warriors scored a try and the referee up stairs had to look at it from the cameras. When the referee was looking he saw that Kevin Locke had knocked the ball on and it was called no try by the video referee. Go Warriors go yes yeah! the warriors just scored another try and are in the lead by 4 points and the score is now 18 12 to the Warriors. James Maloney did the conversion and got it in so then the score was 20 12 to Warriors. Now that the Warriors are in the lead by 8 points there’s no way Melbourne can catch up. At the last play of the game Shaun Johnson kick the ball straight to Manu Vatuvei and the ball just went out and they just let the time run out and the Warriors won 20 12.

I really wanted the Warriors to win and they did I am so happy for them. I liked it when the Warriors scored the tries because it made a more likely chance for the Warriors to win even though they did win. I hope one day I will play for the Warriors and be successful and maybe win the cup too.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Typing Tutor

I've been working on have completed a F&J 20 words per minute certificate. Typing tutor has helped me write better but it's still very hard. When I write I can't seem to get my fingers on the right key sometimes and make a mistake, but I can just simply push backspace and done. I like to play on typing tutor in my free time or when I'm bored.

Story Behind The Samoan Flag

We have assignments that we do every week. We have different assignments nearly every week. For my assignments this week I have to write what the story behind the Samoan flag is. Do you know what the story behind the Samoan flag is? If you don't know then this is your lucky day to know what it is.
The Samoan flag consists of a red base with a blue square in the top left corner. In the blue square there are five white, five pointed stars representing the constellation of the Southern Cross, which is a prominent constellation of the southern hemisphere.
Now you know what the Story behind the Samoan flag is. Thank you for reading my story.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rap with Mr. Umu'u

On Tuesday the 20th of September Mr. Umu'u came into my class and was my teacher for the day. When Mr. Umu'u came into my class he teachers about comprehension and what it's all about. When he came in on the day he also taught us a rap that he wanted us to remember. This rap took him 27 years to write it. The rap goes like this

Pack it up-Pack it in, let me begin.

Much respect to my peeps from Point England,

G.I skater’s, current status

Collaboration with my younger generators ah!

We in the cypher crowds twice the siza,

New MC’s spitting honey like stinging beez,

Brothers please spare a prayer for the families,

Hurricane to the crusaders down in Canterbury.

Pagi to the popo, the popo to the pagi

Fia ae lo’u manava, I think I’m lē masagi

Lava loa lea fia ae so se mea mmmm

I like the smell of papaque over there,

Keke to the Pua’a, Pua’a to the keke

Thank you very much Point England Tu meke,

Tulou lava we must respect one another

My father my mother my sister and my brother

What do you think of this rap? do you like it?

Warriors VS The Wests Tigers

The Warriors and the Wests Tigers play NRL. They are playing in the quarter final to see who will make it to the semi final. If the Warriors win they will make it but if they loose then the Wests Tigers make it. I hope that the Warriors win and go to the semi final and win that game, hopefully winning the cup and been the champions of 2011 NRL.
The Vodafone Warriors is one of my favourite NRL teams. The vodafone Warriors are a NRL team that have played very well through out this year. During the quarter final while the Warriors play I will be supporting them all the way. The Warriors lost against the Brisbane Broncos and just made it to the quarter final because they are coming 6th on the leader board.
The Wests Tigers are one of the best NRL teams that play. They have won every one of there games this year, and if they were to lose the game they would have been out of the tournament. I’m not saying they won or they lost. Earlier during the games the Warriors versed the Wests Tigers and the Wests Tigers won.
When I saw The last try I saw that Krisnan Inu went for the try and the Video referee had to look at it. Then suddenly... The video referee said it was a TRY! I was so excited to see the Warriors win that game. The final score was 22- 20.
I am so happy to see the Warriors win and can’t wait to see their game against Melbourne Storms. I hope that the Warriors win the game and go to the Grand final versing the Manly sea eagle or the Brisbane broncos and win the Grand Final Winning the cup.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Movie Dictation

This is the story of how I died, don’t worry this is actually a very fun story, and the truth is it isn’t even mine. This is a story of a girl named Rapunzel, and it starts with the sun, now once upon a time a single drop of sunlight fell from the heavens and from that small drop of sun, grew a magic golden flower. It had the ability to heal the sick and injured, oh you see that old women over there, you might wanna remember her she’s kinda important. Well centuries past, and a hop skip and a boat ride away, there grew a kingdom. The kingdom was ruled by a beloved king and queen, and the queen well she was about to have a baby. And she got sick, really sick, she was running out of time, and that’s when people usually start to look for a miracle. Or in this case, a magic golden,flower.
Nah I told you she’d be Important, ya see instead of sharing the suns gift, this women, mother Gothle horded it’s healing power and used it to keep herself young for 100’s of years, and all she had to do is sing a “special song.” Flower gleam and glow, let your power shine make the clock reverse bring back what once was mine”.
Alright you get the gist she sings to it she gets young creepy, right?
“We found it”
The magic of the golden flower, healed the Queen. A healthy baby girl, A princess was born with beautiful golden hair. (baby happy sound) (happy proud adoring chuckle) I’ll give you a hint, that’s Rapunzel to celebrate her birth the King and Queen launched, flying lantern in to the sky.
and for that one moment everything was perfect......... and then that moment ended.
“Flower gleam and glow let your power shine make the clock re” the old lady gasps
(a crying baby) Gothile broke into the castle and stole the child and just like that GONE! The kingdom searched and searched but could not find the princess, for deep within the forest in a hidden tower Gothile raised the child as her own.
take what has been lost that once was mine gothel has found her magic flower.
But this time she was determent to keep it hidden “why can’t I go outside?”
The outside world is a dangerous place filled with horrible selfish people you must stay here where your safe do you understand flower.
“Yes mummy”
But the walls of that tower could not hide everything....... each year on her birthday, the King and Queen released thousand of lantern into the sky. In hope that one day their lost
princess... would return..........

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Story Behind The USA Flag

Do you know what the story behind the USA flag is? Well I’ll tell you... The story behind the national flag of the United States consists of thirteen equal horizontal stripes of red (top and bottom) paterns with white, with a blue rectangle in the top left. Also including fifty small, white, five-pointed stars alternating with rows of five stars. The fifty stars on the flag represents the 50 states and the 13 stripes represent the thirteen provinces that rebelled against the British monarchy and became the first states in the Union.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Aussie Rules

Do you know what Aussie rules is? Aussie rules is a sport that Australian people play. I’ve never heard of Aussie rules until the 1st of September 2011. Megan is the lady name who came to teach us. Aussie rules is when some one comes to teach you about the sport (AFL) Australian Football League.
The skills we learnt first was the drop punt. The skill was a kick. The name of the kick was drop punt (as you may know), it is similar to a drop kick but you don’t drop the ball and kick. The AFL rules for kicking is quite different to how New Zealanders would kick a ball. When we got a AFL ball the first thing Megan told us was that you had to keep the laces away from you and kick the ball. We went away with a buddy kicking each other, suddenly I heard a whistle been blown and saw some kids running to Megan. Then she taught us a new strategy to go with the first one. The strategy was not to have muddy toes, muddy toes means that you flick mud at your partner (not literally). So we went off in our pears and My partner De’vyne and I did really well.
This the first time I’ve ever heard of Aussie rules and It is awesome. I didn’t know that Aussie rules existed until about a week ago and it was a sport I’ve never played or learnt before in my life. I like my school because we have the opportunity to play a lot of different sports with the your friends and teachers. Learning Aussie rules is different for me because the sport has different rules to rugby and league.
My favourite part of Aussie rules is the part when we get to play with the balls and play with our partner. Also getting to throw a ball at our teachers and coaches at the end of the first session. You should try it out if you can because it is fun!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Making Crepes

Crepes, what are crepes Mr. Barks? Well you’ll just have to wait until it’s your turn to come and try one. You would normally have creps for breakfast they are just like pan cakes but crepes tend to be thinner. I was told that you can sit outside the Eiffel Tower in France and if you want you could ask for some crepes. I would like to try one from there because it might taste different from the ones that I cooked with my teacher Mr. Barks.
  • The equipment and ingredients that you need to make crepes are. . . I will start off by telling you the ingredients so you will need Ingredients:
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup milk
  • 6 tablespoons butter, melted
  • 3 eggs
  • 4 tablespoons granulated sugar
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • nutella (if you want to use it)
  • Bananas (if you want to use it)
Now all you need to do is grab a frying pan and cook to your perfection. They taste really great while you eat them, especially when you put a bit of nutella and some bananas in the crepes and eat. It tastes reh bee- ehn, treh bee- ehn means very good.
The way that we cooked the crepes was with something like a pan but just a bit similar to a frying pan. Before play time my teacher Mr. Barks made some for the kids who wanted to have them, but if you didn’t finished your work then you didn’t get to have a crepe. When I had my crepe I put nutella and some chopped bananas in with my crepe. It tasted really delicious especially the nutella.
I wish we could cook crepes with Mr. Barks every week. Making Canadian food with my teacher is my favourite part of this term. I think crepes would be awesome for breakfast or for desert after dinner. If I ever have crepes for breakfast I would put some bananas and strawberries with nutella, that sound beautiful!


Do you know what the story behind the Argentina flag is? I do.
The Argentine flag was designed by General Manuel Belgrano in 1812. Manuel Belgrano was an Argentinean politician, lawyer and military leader. According to the tradition of Argentina he got the idea and colours for the flag whilst gazing at the sky, prior to the Battle of Paraná. Some believed that Belgrano created the Sun of May on this day but some people believe that the origin of the Sun of May is related to Inca mythology. Argentineans celebrate Argentine Flag Day on the anniversary of General Manuel Belgrano’s death on the 20th June.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Typing Tutor Certificates

These certificates are to prove that I am able complete ten certificates on My typing Skills are getting better because I work on Mr. Barks my teacher at school, in term 1 he told us to look up When we looked it up we saw that there are a three different subjects to choose from, lessons,games and tests, it starts off with the basics and gets harder every time. We all clicked the lesson button and we choose the first lesson F&J and off we went.
I do really well with typing tutor and it teaches me a lot when I start to type. Sometimes I get tempted to cheat but I don’t and keep going. I’ve done ten certificates and it’s hard to get shift keys, getting my tenth made me proud because I thought I wouldn’t make it. Now that I’ve got my first ten I’m to aim to get another ten but change the time limit to twenty words per minute. Doing this makes me wont to complete ten every day, that would be awesome.
Typing tutor gets harder and harder every time I do it. It gets so hard I have to do it like four times in a row because I haven’t done fifteen or twenty words per minute. I can just pass some of the twenty words per minute and while doing them I want to look down at the time but if I do then I’ll stop and I might fail. I think typing tutor will get very hard and I might not be able to complete it, but if I keep my mind to it I reckon I will succeed.
When I keep my mind to completing typing tutor certificates I will improve my typing and hopefully get all of the certificates. During typing tutor lessons I get confused on where the keys are and sometimes push the wrong key. You should try it and see how well you do, and you would be amazed after a while just like I am. When I grow up I hope to be an excellent typist.

Monday, August 22, 2011

My first time in Australia

Have you seen so many trees in just a small area in your life? I have, it looks really weird . When I saw the view from in the plane about to land in Australia, I saw a beautiful country. I couldn't believe my eyes, it’s so different then New Zealand, like; when we were travelling to the place I was staying we drove though this big tunnel and it was long.
The first thing that we did the next day was go to walk around the city. When we were walking I was going to go and touch it from behind but suddenly Ra! I got a fright. We walked around the river and saw freaky things along with the walk. My grand father took a photo of me while we were walking. The photo was with this Man Who to me looked like a bat costume, He Had long fingers and put one hand one the top of my head and the other at the bottom of my head. It was weired to me but also fun.
Waking up to the sound of laughter... My grand parents and there friends were laughing at something I did’t understand but the laughed really loud. Aaaaa “I'm so tired” do you know what the time is, I asked Joshua. What are we doing today I asked my Grand ma. We are going to the market. Do I have to go with you? You can stay home today if you want to.Yes I will stay home with Josh today. Josh what are we going to do today... “Do you want to go to Dandenong it’s the big mall around here. Yes it sounds like awesome fun. Who are we going with? My mum is going to take us, he told me. I asked if his sister was going to come? He said “defiantly. If you’re wondering who his mum and sister are the The sisters name is Daniel and her mums name I’m not sure of but she’s my auntie. The first thing that we did in The shopping mall we went to Rebel sport and looked at there stuff that they had on sale. They had a mini basketball hoop that came with a ball for $20’s, along side you could pick your favourite team of the stock that they had and buy it. “Where are we going next”, I ask Josh. Any where you want to. No where to go that I know of. He said come with me and I will show you around the store Mya.
As we were looking in the store Mya we couldn't find his mum so we went looking … later on we that very same day in the mall we found them down stairs and his sister was trying to find us too. Lucky we found them other wise we might of had to walk home.
I felt sad that I had to leave and come back to New Zealand but I had a lot of fun while I was in Australia. That was a grate experience for me travelling to Australia and doing some awesome things. My time in Australia I will never forget.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

All About Me

Kumusta, My name is Raenan and I am a year 6 student Point England School.I was born in Auckland New Zealand. I am half Filipino and half Maori. I am in room 18 my teacher is Mr barks. My goal for this year is to be focused in class and to get all my work finished on time. My Favourite sports are Rugby and Rugby league. My favourite rugby league teams are the Warriors and the Melbourne storms.
The All Blacks is my Favourite rugby team. My friends are Samuela, James, Kitiona, Potaua, Kingston P and Richard.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Maths Work

During maths at school I worked on a maths sheet. I managed to complete sixty of them in one minute. It sounds hard but really it’s not.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Typing Tutor

This is just a little certificate that I got by doing a typing tutor lesson. If you click on the link below it will take you to the site.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Never Been To Australia

I’ve never been to Australia. Never! On Friday the 12th of August, I will be leaving for this never before seen (by me) destination. How exciting!
What I’m looking forward to you may be asking, well... I’m looking forward to seeing all the exciting things to see. Because as I said before I’ve never been to Australia. I’ve heard that Australia has got lots of different things compared to New Zealand. The Things I want to see are things like the Eureka sky tower or just some thing really cool, going into the Eureka sky tower would be even better. I’m also looking forward to meeting Australian people and learning the different things in there country.
While in Melbourne I'll be staying with friends of my grand parents. I hope that I get to see some of the famous Melbourne Storm player, because if I’m not cheering for the Warriors I’m going for the Melbourne Storms. I’m also looking forward to going into the city and looking at there stores and what they have on sale. Eureka Tower sounds pretty awesome. It sounds like the Sky Tower in Auckland New Zealand.
I think that this trip will be one of the ones I will never forget. I’ll be anxious and excited before I even step foot the plane. Melbourne sounds interesting so I’ll have more
information for you later on. Stay tuned for more. Thanks for reading..

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tournament Day

Going to a tournament is quite tough because your teaches have to make sure you’re ready for the day. At my school we are humble winners at every sport we play. Have you ever played at a league tournament before? I went to one last term on the 5 July 2011. Also we played five different schools at the tournament. The schools that we versed were the schools from around the tamaki area. The names of the schools are Tamaki Primary,Baily Road,Stanhope, Sylvia Park and G.I Primary School. You may or may not know but my school is called point England School. The first team that we played against was Sylvia Park then G.I Primary next Baily Road after Stanhope and Tamaki Primary. “Five games! far that’s heaps”. Do you think I scored any tries? Famous,favourite,fun,field... My favourite part of the day was when I scored two tries. The purpose for scoring my first try was because Crusader passed the ball to James but James didn’t catch the ball and I caught it and ran to score the try. Reason number two is... Darius offloaded the ball to me and I got a run a way try. I like to score tries for some strange reason. Another favourite part of the day was that we won the shield back. When the man told us who first he said “and in first place Point England school” I shouted YEAH! Even though we won the shield back it was quite close for some of our matches. Working as a team is one of the keys to winning, we worked as a team to win like a team. I think we did extremely well at the league tournament. Even though the shield is ours you never know what will happen. I felt tired and exhausted after a long day. That was the first time I had ever played rugby league for the school and in my life, so I think I did well myself. My legs were so sore I could barley move, I’ve never felt that sore in my life. Rugby league is awesome!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Here I am at the start of a new term. My goals for the term are to listen and to be focused on every thing I do, especially on my writing. This term is going to be different from the other two terms because I have changed my attitude towards learning. I’m trying to stay on task and KEEP MY EYE ON THE BALL. Term 3 what is there to look forward to? Mmmm. Ah! I know I’m looking forward to the trip. usually we have trips to some place. My teacher told my class that my school might be organizing some Ruby World Cup tickets for kids who want to go, But he also said that you won’t get picked if you haven’t been good in class and “KEEPING YOUR EYE ON THE BALL”. Hearing about the Rugby World Cup tickets made me determend to try my best in every thing I do. Rugby World Cup is going to be exciting for me because My teacher Mr. Barks is Canadian and New Zealand is competing against Canada on there final game in there pool. I think that this term is going to go better then last term because we know what to do and as I said before there might be some Rugby World Cup tickets for kids from my school. Working hard? Do you wok hard? I know I certainly do but it’s quite hard sometimes. If you put your mind to it and focus on it you will succeed.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Juicing Fruit

This Small movie is about making juice with my class. It shows just the basics on what we did. I hope you enjoy.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

Learning about Canada has been exciting. When they became a country, the wide variety of animals, and their national anthem were all things that we learned about this unfamiliar place. This video is to show some of the things I learned with my Canadian teacher, Mr. Barks.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tuesday Was The Day

Tuesday was the day when the P.E.S Over 50kg boys have our first game for the school. We are playing a home game, against Holy Cross. I’ve never played for the school before, but I know I’ll play good. The boys who are playing were Waata,Darius,Crusader,Kitiona,James,Dillon,Roman,Richard,Kingston P, Kingston L and me These are our reserves. Melvin,Hosannah,Shayne and Alex . I guess we will all be playing unless other wise. We all knew what our positions were. As you are aware that we have positions. My position was Hooker. It’s quite hard been hooker, because I’m not so good at throwing the ball in for the line outs. Sadly we didn't win but it's all good cause it was our opening game. Even though we lost I had an awesome time playing. I like winning but it doesn't matter if we lost cause I surely did have a good time on the field. I thought that we might win. Do you like winning? I know I certainly do, But I think that it doesn't matter if we lost because it was our first game. I felt good after the very hard game that we had played. I also felt good that it was over because I was feeling a bit sore and tired. I liked the rugby game because rugby is my favourite sport.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Play Space Adventures With Dad

Do you enjoy spending quality time with your family? I know I sure do, and the Easter holiday’s were a perfect opportunity to spend some enjoyable time with my dad doing some incredibly neat and nifty activities.

During the amazing holidays I like to do things with just my dad. Do you know What we did? Well I’ll give you a clue. We traveled by bus and got off in town. The amazing holidays was the Easter holiday’s.

As my dad and I got off the bus we had to walk to Queen’s St. We were walking and I turned to a different street as my dad said “where are you going It’s this way”, I responded to him “isn’t it this way because you turn to a different street”. I was thinking to myself he might not have noticed that I walked somewhere else I could of got lost.

Before we did anything else we went to get something to eat. Do you like eating Chinese takeaway food? Well I do. I had noddles,rice,curry-lamb and curry-beef. It tasted very good, I don’t usually eat there. As we finished eating we walked out saying “thank you”...

Walking down the street, we were almost there... Suddenly I had to go to the toilet. I asked my dad if we could go to the Mc Donald's so I could go. When I walked in there were people steering at me.

As we crossed the road , I was thinking to myself in my head. I was saying please,please lets go play some spacies. We walked into the big foyer, and I quietly cheered a lady looked at me weirdly. When I walked down the stairs I tripped and almost fell down the rest of them.

Playing games is awesome, do you like playing games? My dad and I enjoyably watched a man racing on the game. Asking my dad “can we play that game to” “no” he replied. Then he said “put your money in then”, we began our race at the beginning he stared to win but we kept on changing placers. In the time we raced we always crashed into each other. “dad you just won the only reason why you seemed to have won because you crashed into more times then I did”.I said. “Challenge you again” I asked my dad. “yeah” he answered. I’m going to beat you this time man!. As we were beginning to race and suddenly on the screen it said new challenger please wait. Waiting for the race to start I had to adjust my seat. The race started and I was in second place until the other racer over took me. A couple of seconds later I was coming last,but... in the end beat my dad.

At the end of the day the best thing that happened was me beating my dad at a racing car game. That was most fun I had all holidays. Thanks for reading my story.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Value Joy

I’ve heard,saw and felt what it’s like to have joy in you. Have you ever had that feeling in your life? Well I’ve already told you I have I think having that feeling is great because you feel great your self. I hope you have the feeling that i’ve had before! (If you haven’t.)

I’m having difficulty making my work interesting. I hope that you enjoy my story. To me joy looks like sun shine on a summer day. It's like watching birds chirping as they sit on the green branches, In the afternoon breeze while they whistle songs back and fourth at each other.

Joy makes me feel like I have butterflies floating in my stomach like when your in the back seat of the car as it heads over a hump in the road that makes me giggle with delight. I just want to do it again and again like riding the INVADER at Rainbows End.

When you hear joy you hear laughter,gigging chattering and hussle and bussle of people coming together from all countries throughout the world. Joy is connectedness and the sharing of each others stories of how they came to be here.

I thought joy was a good value to choose because it sound’s happy in a good way. For me joy was a bit easy to write about. The value joy can be taught to anyone in the world. You can learn good things from the value joy!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Reason Why I Got My Netbook Taken Away From Me.

I got my netbook taken away from me because I wasn't using it with respect. I was playing a game and pushing any keys that I wanted to. I shouldn't have done that because thats not taking charge. When I play on my netbook I always use it the Pt England Way. I will not treat it the wrong way because I might have to work in my writing book. I will be respectful with my netbook .

The Most Horrible Thing In My Life

Yesterday as I was going to get my lunch suddenly... I felt the ground shake while standing next to a building that was made out of bricks. I shouted "run". As I ran the bricks fell on my legs so I was trapped under the rubble. While trapped under the rubble I was wondering if I'll make it out alive. I was trapped under the rubble for about 5 hours. Until I heard someone shouting "Hello can you hear me if you can respond" so I responded to him. "I'm still in here my legs are trapped in the rubble" He said "we'll try our best to get you out safely".

Friday, March 4, 2011

Roomeighteen Rocks!!!

Room eighteen Rocks!!!

Room eighteen is the class that I am in this year at PT.England school. 1 thing that I like about my class is that we have a deck outside our class. We also have doors where the wall use to be. Awesome!... Its cool having doors with a deck really close to us. If you amazing reader follow this link then you will go to this image I have chosen.,338,23