Monday, July 26, 2010

My holiday highlight

The highlight of my holidays is hard to pick because I have too many to choose from and I can’t make up my mind. However one of my favourite days was watching Toy Story 3 at Sylvia Park with my sister Haremate and my friend Timo. We stocked up on lollies, chips, drinks and trumpet ice creams at Pack n Save before making our way to the movie. Soaking up the sun outside was a relaxing way to kill time before our film.

As I put on the glasses I began to feel excited! They hurt my eyes as soon as I put them on, but my eyes adjusted to them as I watched the movie. During a far away shot I took my glasses off only to find that it was fuzzy. I looked back to see an old mum not wearing her glasses. How could someone not wear the glasses in a 3D movie? This was all strange to me because it was the first time I saw a 3D movie.

Woody would have to be my favourite character because of his great attitude. Even though Andy didn’t want to take the other toys to College with him, Woody tried to stop Andy from putting them in the attic. His determination to set his friends free throughout the movie was inspiring. I thought Woody would have just left the rest of the toys but instead he tried show them that Andy still cared for them and that he didn’t think they were just trash. He was determined to get his friends back home. Another reason why he was my favourite character was because he shared the same Champions motto that we learnt at school, to never give up! I reckon it’s a good movie to watch, even if you don’t watch it in 3D.

On our way home we had a race, Stairs vs Elevator. Haremate and Timo raced up the stairs as I sprinted to the elevator. “Oh man! I’m going to lose now” I said as the elevator doors shut just as I got there. When I finally caught it, Haremate was had already made it to our finish line. Timo was a few steps behind her leaving me to scrape in last. “Ahwell,” I said to myself, “Theres plenty of time for other races to win!”

I found a new use for my 3D glasses. Sometimes when I ride my bike I wear them. They act like a mirror, so I can see behind me when I’m biking. Using my peripheral vision when wearing the glasses lets me look to the side while keeping my eyes on the road.