Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Camp Bentzon 2011

Kawau Island was a very exciting destination because I have never been there before. Have you ever had the opportunity to visit Kawau Island? If not, you really do need to plan a trip here as it is a beautiful place with lots of adventure.

When we finally arrived I was excited and tried to help everyone with everything. We did eventually transfer all of our luggage and food for the week from the ferry to the lodge.

Of all the activities that I got to participate in, sailing was my favourite. After a short time practising on a sail boat, we sailed to a seawall and then on to an old boat on the shore. I was going at least 5KM and it was so much fun! As I was sailing at great speed, I was yelling “yeah buddy”! I truly had fun learning to sail.

Abseiling was also a highlight from camp even though it was a significant challenge for me. Why was this such a challenge? (you might be asking yourself). Well, let's just say that when I hear the word "heights"... I begin to sweat profusely! Yes, that's right, I am afraid of heights. As afraid as I was, once I got to the top, I was determined to get to the bottom. As I began to abseil down, I felt like I was power walking on the wall. Determined to get to the bottom, I eventually made it.

Every afternoon except for Thursday, we were allowed to go for a swim and jump off the pontoon. When we jumped off the pontoon I always made a funny face. Once when we were on this platform, everyone was on one corner of it and almost made the water cover the pontoon. Jumping off was both fun and exciting.

I felt good at the end of the week, but sad at the same time because I didn’t want to leave camp Bentzon. I enjoyed my time and can’t wait for next time. Kawau Island was a great experience for me. I had an awesome time and I know that you would too!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Going To Camp Benzon

Camp Bentzon sounds really awesome to go to. At our school when you’re a year six you go on a special camp to Kawau island, that would be awesome. Imagine been on a island for 4 days would you be scared? I sure would.
At camp I hope that we will be allowed to jump off the wharf and do bombs. I hope that we can play some foot ball when we have free time. When we go on hikes I hope that we will see some interesting things along the way.
I’m excited about camp because I’ve never slept on a island. I can’t wait because we are going to learn how to sail a sail boat by ourselves. Also making crafts will hard but exciting because we get to take them for a try when we finish.
I hope that the weather is FANTASTIC for the whole 4 days that we are on camp. If the weather is fine I hope that we can play some sports like foot ball, rugby in the water and much more. During the night before we go to bed I hope we can play some spotlight. (if the weather is fine)
Camp sounds so exciting and fun I can’t wait to go! I think going to camp would be a memory to remember. I reckon we will have a great time at camp. I feel excited anxious about at the same time.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Going To Camp

During the school Holidays I went to camp with riverside club. The riverside club is on nearly every Wednesday after noon at my school, it is for kids year 4 and up. Every year there is a camp for the years 5,6,7 and 8 that come to the riverside club and we usually go to Totara springs, but this year we went to willow park and every one could come with us and have a good time.
Every team had at least one year 8 leader and a leader 15 years or older. The older leaders that were looking after my team members and me were Jerome and David Clark,they were awesome leaders! We also had two more leaders that were year 8 and there names are Cameron and Kalim. In my cabin there was six of us and all of our names are Gabriel,Levi,David,Calvin,Francis and me. Every cabin had to come up with a name for their team and our name was the Spartans.
My most favourite part of camp was when we got to play on the Willow Park toys. The Willow Park toys were quad bikes, green machines,the scooters and the wobbly bikes. I always played on the quad bikes when it was time to play on the toys. I went as fast as I could and I even overtook one of my friends, Anthony. Another favourite part of camp was
get your own back. Get your own back is a game where you can get your leaders, you can throw mud and old food at them. You can even get sponges and put mud and dirty water and shove it in their mouths. Would you ever want to play this game with us?. When I was trying to get some mud Miss Va’afusuaga grabbed mud and spatted it all around my face and in my head I was yelling NO!. I can’t wait until the next time we play get your own back she’s my first target.
I enjoyed camp and hope we will have another experience like I had in the holidays. I miss Willow park already, I wish camp never ended! I really liked the staff because they were kind to us. The cooks were amazing too.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Coming Soon

I'm working on my writing about the riverside camp during the holidays. I'll have it up soon so stay tuned.