Friday, March 23, 2012

Camp Day 3

On day three of Camp Respect 2012 the year 7&8’s went to Swimarama for the last day of camp. As I was in line for the diving board, it was my turn to go up to jump but as I was climbing the ladder one of the teachers Mr. Harris came and asked me if I watch the Rugby League then I turned around and notice the Vodafone Warriors. I said out loud “forget about the diving board the Warriors are here”!.
I ran over as fast as I could and jumped into the pool cheering them on. The first warrior to jump in was Manu Vatuvei he did a bomb as he came in. The warriors that I saw were Ben Matulino, Shaun Johnson, Lewis Brown and Kevin Locke.
The sad thing about Kevin Locke is that he didn’t come into the pool. We started to cheer Kevin Locke but he still didn’t come in. If you click on this link you will be on the warriors site and you can watch the footage of them. That last day of camp was the best last day of camp ever in my life so far.

Tent Instructions

The equipment you will need:
*Guy ropes*Tent
*Tent Fly
*At least two people

Next step 1: Get your tent out and lay it flat down on a dry surface.
Next step 2: Now Gather all the equipment you will need.
Next step 3:Unwrap the tent and taut it flat on the ground .
Next step 4:Get out your poles and pegs.
Next step 5: Now you need to use a mallet to peg the pegs into the given holes so your tent will stay where you put it.
Next step 6: Connect the poles.Now connect them to the bottom bases.
Next step 7:Clip up the clippers and tie up the tent at the top
Next step 8: you now need to peg all the guy ropes
Next step 9:Put on your fly and peg it down .Now strap up the velcro ties
Next step 10: Tie the strings at the top of the tent to the glass poles securely
Next step 11:Test out your tent.Make sure nothing wrong with your tent.
Next step 12: Now there is nothing to do but to sleep in your tent.