Thursday, December 12, 2013

Year 8 Camp

My friends and I entered the bus hyped and ready for camp. Especially for the 5 hour drive that was ahead of us. After Mr Burt said a prayer it was time to board onto the buses. We grabbed our bags and off we went.

Day One: On our first day of camp we pretty much just spent our whole time on the bus. It was fun on my bus because Dillon was on my bus and he is the BEST guitar player in our whole school! We sang heaps of songs during the ride and the teachers were getting angry because we were a bit too loud. Once we arrived at camp we loaded off our luggage and got changed into clothing suitable for running/walking in. My highlight for day one was going for the 3.2 km walk in the bush. It was fun running past everyone, I almost fell off the track. My friend Serena was running along side me three quarters of the way.

Day Two: I didn’t like the fact that we had to wake up so early but I really enjoyed the fitness run that we did. I came first and earned an extra Luge ride. I also enjoyed being at the Agrodome. I got to carrying cute little animals. I even got to milk a cow! I loved carrying the rabbits because they were so adorable and fluffy.

Day Three: It was Thursday and we planned to go for a walk around the green and blue lake. We also got to swim in the blue lake. The weather wasn’t that great, but I still had fun. We were bombing off the pontoon and everything! ( Well I was trying to bomb. ) But my highlight of the day was swimming at Rotorua's aquatic centre, it was pretty cool there because they had a bombing pool INSIDE and they had a TRAMPOLINE too!

Day Four: On our final day at camp we had a something special planned for the day. We decided to go to the Luge! The luge ride was awesome! It was my highlight out of the whole camp! I got to for four rides on the Luge and the last time I went down my friends Crusader, Dillon & Jay’lee came with me. We tried to block off the whole track so NO ONE could pass us. But we kinda failed because we didn’t want to make anyone angry at us. After we finished our ride we were off, coming back to Auckland. By the time we got back to school it was 4:05 pm. and he left the Luge at 12:35 pm. I was happy to be home so I could see my mum, but now I really miss camp. When I get older I am going to take my own children down to Rotorua so they can have the same experience as me.

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