Friday, May 31, 2013

Diabetes Writing

Diabetes is a disorder which can be caused by many ways. You can get type 1 diabetes at birth. It can also come out of the blue when you are at young age. Type 2 is a genetic disorder which can be passed down from your family. Another way people get diabetes is from eating too much Junk food and just simply been unhealthy.

Carbohydrates : The food that we eat goes down into our stomachs and it gets broken down into carbohydrates, protein & fat. When your food digests your carbohydrates get broken down into glucose which goes from your stomach and travels through your bloodstream. It gets absorbed into your muscles and fat cells that becomes energy.

Your insulin acts like a key to unlock your muscle and fat cells so your sugar can crate energy for you. Without insulin your sugar can not get into your muscles and fat cells and you won’t have enough energy for the day this means you will feel tired and flattered. Diabetes can cause lack of insulin which means your muscle and fat cells cannot absorb the glucose (sugars) causing lack of energy.

Diabetes Is something you don’t want to have. Sometimes you just get it and other times you make yourself get by being unhealthy and making your body suffer. Having diabetes is bad for you because you will have to watch your sugar levels as you could die from a heart failure or something like that. If you get diabetes type one it just comes to you out of the blue but if you get type 3 then you need to exercise cut down on the junk food that you eat.

Monday, May 13, 2013


On Thursday last week Will.I.Am came to my school, it was AMAZING. I never thought I would meet at my school, I expected to meet him at a mall or something like that. Will.I.Am told us a bit about his life and where he come from. He also gave the year 8’s advice about the friends we should have.

   “Wow three BMW’s” I whispered to Darius. “Who do you think it is?” Darius asked with a curiously. “AH it’s Will.I.Am!” Rita said with a MASSIVE smile on her face. “OHH Will.I.Am is here” I said happily.

   Will.I.Am told us that he was brought up in a poor enviroment. He has never met his dad. His mother looked after him and his siblings with a  low income because his mother had no job. Will.I.Am lived in Los Angeles - East LA. Most people would expect him to be in jail or something like that but not Will.I.Am, he is a successful musician. Will.I.Am had one dream in mind and that was to look after his mom.

   Will.I.Am explained to us about friends, he said to choose the best friends, good friends who will help you in life. Friends who will help make your dreams possible. His friends helped him to be who he is now, a successful musician.

   Will.I.Am donated $100,000 dollars for all the kids in the Maniakalani Education Trust. I think that is going to help us a lot! Getting new apps and netbooks will be awesome for the Manaiakalani Trust. Will.I.Am is a very generous man giving us all that money. I can’t wait to see what they use the money for. I would like to get more apps on the Ipad’s with some of the money that we got.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day Out With My Dad

   On  Friday the last week I went out with my dad. We went to Sylvia Park and to town. I LOVE going out with my dad during the holidays because he always buys me something. We normally catch the bus to town but not that day, we caught the train. I was wondering why we caught the train my dad wouldn’t tell me. I thought we were going to town but no. We caught the train to Sylvia Park.

   I was so excited as we got to Sylvia Park because I saw these AWESOME Nike Air Jordans at Foot Locker. Every time I go to Sylvia Park I HAVE to go to Foot Locker and we usually do. The shoes that I wanted were on the shelves and made noticed them. “Raenan come here” he said. “Yeah ok dad” I replied back. “Do you want these shoes?” he asked. “ Umm... Yeah definitely!” We asked the lady if we could check the price of them. I thought that the shoes would have been around $200 dollars because they are Air Jordans. The lady came back and said, the shoes are $140 dollars “We’ll get them” My dad said. I was thanking my dad every second of the day for buying me those shoes. “Where are we going next?” I asked. “ do you want to go to town now?” he asked. “Yeah I don’t mind”.

   We traveled all the way to town. “What do you want to eat?” My dad asked me. “Can I have Burger King please” I asked. “Yeah sure” he replied. As we walked to Burger King I saw this man standing on a stool holding onto strings that were attached to a skeleton body singing into a microphone. It was funny seeing a skeleton sing, you don’t see that everyday. My stomach started to rumble. “Dad, can we go now?” I asked. “Yeah, we can” he said. I was so hungry. My dad bought me a triple cheese burger meal. It was delicious. There wasn’t anything else to do in town so we decided to go home.
   I enjoyed my time with my dad on Friday, it was fun!.

Anzac Day

On Anzac day my cousin Jesse had plans to go to Sonsk8. I wasn’t allowed to go because I had other friends over but also because nothing opens until 1:00pm in the afternoon. My friends and I discussed about what they wanted to do, they wanted to go the Crossfield skate park in Glendowie. Jesse was a bit sad that I couldn’t go to Sonsk8 with him but he decided to come with us to Crossfield. We didn’t have enough bikes, skateboards or scooters to ride so I walked all the way to crossfield skate park.

   As we got to the skate park I saw my friends Kane, Potaua and Lorenzo. They were riding their bikes. They were riding around everywhere doing their tricks. Potaua was trying to do a 180 on his bike. Kane was trying to do one too. Lorenzo was just riding around doing wheelies.

   When I started to ride Potaua saw me trying to 180 on the ramp and declared a challenge. “The first one to crack a 180 wins” he said confidently. “Yo I’m keen” I replied. The first attempt was from Potaua. He didn’t quite get there. My turn, “yes, yes, yes, yes... “OHHH Dang it, I needed just a little bit more” I said with a loud voice. After trying and trying... Potaua gave up. I Had one more crack at it. I was pushing and pushing to get heaps of speed, I almost crashed into a boy, I went up on the ramp and BOOM I landed it. I was showing off to all of my friends. I was so happy I completed that trick.