Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Capture The Flag

On Friday morning room fourteen and fifteen went to play a game on the bottom field. The game is called capture the flag. Once Miss King had finished explaining the rules we lined up like soldiers. We started walking to the bottom field. We all had riverside bands to wear on us so we knew which team we were in. Our class had the red bands and the other team had green. We were eagerly waiting for Miss King to say go!.. Then suddenly we all heard "Go!" All you would have seen would have been children sprinting off in excitement. We were yelling and screaming like the winners of a rugby match.
Little did everyone know that we had taken the time to make a plan to capture the flag. So on the count of three we had decided to all make a break for it, but no one ran! The two front runners were tagged after 2 seconds. All of us at the back were secretly thinking it was better to wait so we wouldn't get tagged. I ran all the way around the side of the cones and turned in towards the flag. I had a chaser on my back but I managed to dodge them. I got past the cone defenders who hadn't noticed me because they were too focused on my other team mates who were in the safe zone.
Eventually I grabbed the flag and stepped out two people on my way back to the half line. "Yeeeeaaaaah!" I shouted, when I crossed the line with the flag. Most of the team cheered for my success. Capture the flag is a great game!