Friday, June 17, 2011

Tuesday Was The Day

Tuesday was the day when the P.E.S Over 50kg boys have our first game for the school. We are playing a home game, against Holy Cross. I’ve never played for the school before, but I know I’ll play good. The boys who are playing were Waata,Darius,Crusader,Kitiona,James,Dillon,Roman,Richard,Kingston P, Kingston L and me These are our reserves. Melvin,Hosannah,Shayne and Alex . I guess we will all be playing unless other wise. We all knew what our positions were. As you are aware that we have positions. My position was Hooker. It’s quite hard been hooker, because I’m not so good at throwing the ball in for the line outs. Sadly we didn't win but it's all good cause it was our opening game. Even though we lost I had an awesome time playing. I like winning but it doesn't matter if we lost cause I surely did have a good time on the field. I thought that we might win. Do you like winning? I know I certainly do, But I think that it doesn't matter if we lost because it was our first game. I felt good after the very hard game that we had played. I also felt good that it was over because I was feeling a bit sore and tired. I liked the rugby game because rugby is my favourite sport.