Monday, March 18, 2013

Stormy Day

The sky was dull, fog hovered above the fierce sea. Seagulls were soaring through the sky trying to fighting against the wind, unable to make it.The powerful wind forced my jacket to flap and hit my face every time. Shivering with goosebumps my face was turning purple. I shout out to my mum but the wind has taken my voice away. I Flinched as the sand whipped me in  the leg. I try to tell mum something but the wind just snatched my words away every time, so I didn't bother anymore.

“The sand is so soggy!” Barely able to see, Hare tripped in a ditch and smacked her head on a rock. She stopped moving, “wake up” I cried. No reply. There are no emergency service shelters nearby, the next one is about 7 miles away. Worried about her I tried to wake her up, she wasn’t responding. “We need to carry her let’s go.” Sinking into the sand trying to carry her the wind blew us over. She had disappeared “where is she” I don’t know James replied. “look, is that her there?” I asked. “Quick, get her.”

Trying to grab her I couldn’t reach. “She’s drifting out." Waves smashed into my face, swallowing sea water every second, thinking to myself can I do this? Powering through tough waves James and I were determined to swim to Hare. I saw something in the water, not sure if it was a shark or not? We didn't give up. It was getting closer worried we are going to die I tried to find Hare to make sure she was alright. She's not in sight.