Friday, May 6, 2011

Play Space Adventures With Dad

Do you enjoy spending quality time with your family? I know I sure do, and the Easter holiday’s were a perfect opportunity to spend some enjoyable time with my dad doing some incredibly neat and nifty activities.

During the amazing holidays I like to do things with just my dad. Do you know What we did? Well I’ll give you a clue. We traveled by bus and got off in town. The amazing holidays was the Easter holiday’s.

As my dad and I got off the bus we had to walk to Queen’s St. We were walking and I turned to a different street as my dad said “where are you going It’s this way”, I responded to him “isn’t it this way because you turn to a different street”. I was thinking to myself he might not have noticed that I walked somewhere else I could of got lost.

Before we did anything else we went to get something to eat. Do you like eating Chinese takeaway food? Well I do. I had noddles,rice,curry-lamb and curry-beef. It tasted very good, I don’t usually eat there. As we finished eating we walked out saying “thank you”...

Walking down the street, we were almost there... Suddenly I had to go to the toilet. I asked my dad if we could go to the Mc Donald's so I could go. When I walked in there were people steering at me.

As we crossed the road , I was thinking to myself in my head. I was saying please,please lets go play some spacies. We walked into the big foyer, and I quietly cheered a lady looked at me weirdly. When I walked down the stairs I tripped and almost fell down the rest of them.

Playing games is awesome, do you like playing games? My dad and I enjoyably watched a man racing on the game. Asking my dad “can we play that game to” “no” he replied. Then he said “put your money in then”, we began our race at the beginning he stared to win but we kept on changing placers. In the time we raced we always crashed into each other. “dad you just won the only reason why you seemed to have won because you crashed into more times then I did”.I said. “Challenge you again” I asked my dad. “yeah” he answered. I’m going to beat you this time man!. As we were beginning to race and suddenly on the screen it said new challenger please wait. Waiting for the race to start I had to adjust my seat. The race started and I was in second place until the other racer over took me. A couple of seconds later I was coming last,but... in the end beat my dad.

At the end of the day the best thing that happened was me beating my dad at a racing car game. That was most fun I had all holidays. Thanks for reading my story.