Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Value Joy

I’ve heard,saw and felt what it’s like to have joy in you. Have you ever had that feeling in your life? Well I’ve already told you I have I think having that feeling is great because you feel great your self. I hope you have the feeling that i’ve had before! (If you haven’t.)

I’m having difficulty making my work interesting. I hope that you enjoy my story. To me joy looks like sun shine on a summer day. It's like watching birds chirping as they sit on the green branches, In the afternoon breeze while they whistle songs back and fourth at each other.

Joy makes me feel like I have butterflies floating in my stomach like when your in the back seat of the car as it heads over a hump in the road that makes me giggle with delight. I just want to do it again and again like riding the INVADER at Rainbows End.

When you hear joy you hear laughter,gigging chattering and hussle and bussle of people coming together from all countries throughout the world. Joy is connectedness and the sharing of each others stories of how they came to be here.

I thought joy was a good value to choose because it sound’s happy in a good way. For me joy was a bit easy to write about. The value joy can be taught to anyone in the world. You can learn good things from the value joy!!