Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Reason Why I Got My Netbook Taken Away From Me.

I got my netbook taken away from me because I wasn't using it with respect. I was playing a game and pushing any keys that I wanted to. I shouldn't have done that because thats not taking charge. When I play on my netbook I always use it the Pt England Way. I will not treat it the wrong way because I might have to work in my writing book. I will be respectful with my netbook .

The Most Horrible Thing In My Life

Yesterday as I was going to get my lunch suddenly... I felt the ground shake while standing next to a building that was made out of bricks. I shouted "run". As I ran the bricks fell on my legs so I was trapped under the rubble. While trapped under the rubble I was wondering if I'll make it out alive. I was trapped under the rubble for about 5 hours. Until I heard someone shouting "Hello can you hear me if you can respond" so I responded to him. "I'm still in here my legs are trapped in the rubble" He said "we'll try our best to get you out safely".

Friday, March 4, 2011

Roomeighteen Rocks!!!

Room eighteen Rocks!!!

Room eighteen is the class that I am in this year at PT.England school. 1 thing that I like about my class is that we have a deck outside our class. We also have doors where the wall use to be. Awesome!... Its cool having doors with a deck really close to us. If you amazing reader follow this link then you will go to this image I have chosen.,338,23