Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tech Project

This is my truck that I made at tech, at Tamaki College. I think it is cool.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

This year was the second year that I had a netbook. I like having a netbook because it is easier to work on, with all the gadgets you need. I have the internet within five minutes that is one of the things I like having a netbook. You can play games in your free time you can download games from ubuntu software, learn from them too. I like playing on tuxmath it helps me to get faster and smarter at my maths. I LOVE having a netbook because I can learn more about the new technology we have here in the 20th century. The internet has been more stronger this year because at my house pretty much anywhere I go I can get TLN Manaiakalani. The only negative I have is the internet because it sometimes plays up and it runs slow for us but at least it’s better than last year!
I like working on my netbook 24/7 because if I haven't finished my work at school I can work on it at home. Also we have got access to find out about the latest news and see when and where an event is happening like, the Panmure Santa parade.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Telecom Event

    On Saturday night some of the students from my school including me went with Telecom to Victoria Park, to see the Christmas Tree light up.  Katherine and Courtney were the ones who helped us find our way from Telecom to Victoria park. As we got there I saw this massive tree made out of lights, in the middle of three phone booths with a stage underneath it. As music played we were allowed to dance on stage in front of everyone.
    There were phone booths and the call line was to Santa. BUT...... You had to wait a while, while Mr & Mrs Clause talked then you would hear a sparkling noise and then you wish. Isara, Darius Kingston and I went into the phone box and we wished for really cool things, the most common wish from us was the Apple Ipad.
    I LOVED it at Victoria Park! THANK YOU  Telecom for giving me the chance to experience such a fun event with you guys. You Guys ROCK!