Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Reason Why I Got My Netbook Taken Away From Me.

I got my netbook taken away from me because I wasn't using it with respect. I was playing a game and pushing any keys that I wanted to. I shouldn't have done that because thats not taking charge. When I play on my netbook I always use it the Pt England Way. I will not treat it the wrong way because I might have to work in my writing book. I will be respectful with my netbook .


  1. That is sad that you got your net book taken off you but it is fear because you should of been doing the right thing at the right time

  2. Well Raenan I didn't know you could write such a thing.I had my netbook taken away from me once but I don't want to talk about.I respect it now because I don't want it taken away from me again.Nice job

  3. Well Raenan I didn't konw you can get your net book taken away from us I got my net book taken
    away from me because I chated with someone.from anthony


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