Sunday, December 12, 2010


This is Teresa, a student from the triathlon team, and she is interviewing famous swimmer Hayley Palmer. One of Hayley's greatest accomplishments was winning bronze at the Commonwealth Games.
Going To The Airport To Pick My Brother Up

Getting out of the car walking in the airport car park going to get my brother. saying to myself yes “he’s finally home now we can play games like touch,kicks with the ball,passes and more”.I did’nt know what he looked like so I couldn’t say his name out loud because it might not be he. But... he hadn’t checked in From customs yet. Running into the Arrivals Department I saw my sisters friend,With her Family just about to leave. 5 Minutes later I was waiting and waiting for him to come out of customs. I went to sit down next to my dad and sister. While sitting on the seat I started to think that he wasn’t going to come out of customs Then I realized that there’s a screen to tell you that the flight is going through customs.My sister said “Go stand up and wait for hem”. Not long after I went to stand up and wait for hem he walking out looking at me and I throught he was a stranger.

Volcano- Active Earth


Jessica Watson