Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sleeping at my grandparents house

I normally sleep at my grandparents house in the weekend. Do you think its boring or cool? I reckon its cool because I go out to places with them like... Sylvia park,St Luke's much more. I even go to town with my uncle. I like it at my grandparent house because I have a lot of fun. I sometimes help my grandfather work around the back yard. I bet you might have fun at my grandparents place.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Scientific Classification

Classification WritingScientists classify animals into different categories. The categories different names are vertibrates and invertibrates.

Vertibrates have a backbone. Mammals,birds,reptiles,amphibians and fish are like humans because they are warm blooded like us.

Invertibrates have no backbone unlike verterbrates witch do have a backbone. 97% of the animal kingdom is invertibrates. There are 7 main groups of invertibrates. Athropods have segmented bodies as well as exoskelelton, jointed legs.
Working in silence, surrounded by millions of books, the boy was researching about Mighty Mariners. When he finished he decided to scan his books and take them home to read. “Do you have your library card with you,” said the Liberian “No” the poor little boy cried out.