Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dream Jobs

PoliceMan: I want to be a Police man when I get older because I want to be a person that helps in the community.
Pilot: Being a Pilot is a cool job to have as you would be traveling all over the world.
Sports Player: When I’m an adult I would like to play in the NBA or be a NRL player.
Flight Attendant: Being a flight attendant would be pretty cool because you get to travel all around the world for free. But while doing so you will be working.
Carpenter/Builder: Being a builder would be pretty cool when I get older because it is a physical job, and you make a lot of money. Well that’s what I’ve been told.

My Research



Career criminal Mark Chopper Read has confessed murdering four people, including missing Queensland bikie boss Sidney Michael Collins, in the last interview before his own death.
His first kill, he claimed, was as a teenager.
Read made the admissions in the tell-all session screened on Sunday night by 60 minutes but recorded 16 days before he died, aged 58, following a battle with liver cancer.
He claimed responsibility for two cold case murders, those of Collins in 2002 and union heavy Desmond Costello in 1971.
Outlaws Motorcycle Club boss Collins, who has been missing since 2002, was previously shot by Chopper in the stomach.
He said he later killed him when they caught up after one of his life-after-crime stage shows in Casino in northern NSW, and buried him near a football oval.
Chopper said his first murder at age 17 involved shooting Costello outside a Collingwood pub.
He recalled dragging the body of the Melbourne painter and docker with the help of an accomplice to the hotel's keg cellar. Police, though, never uncovered his involvement.
The notorious standover man also disclosed that he got away with killing paedophile and murderer Reginald Isaacs in Pentridge Jail in 1974, with authorities believing Isaacs committed suicide.
Chopper claimed he beat the man repeatedly before hanging him in his cell with his bed sheets.
Read said his third killing was that of Siam Ozerkam, aka "Sammy the Turk", in 1987 outside the Bowjangles nightclub in St Kilda, Melbourne.
He said he told police it was a case of self-defence, and was acquitted, with a jury finding him not-guilty.
Read, who spent 23 years behind bars, previously boasted killing over a dozen people but was never found guilty of murder.
Despite the trail of death, Read told presenter Tara Brown he felt no remorse.
Mark “Chopper” Read was a man which died because of liver cancer. Before his death, he admitted to killing four people.

These are his victims….. Desmond Costello, Slam Ozerkam, Sidney Michael Collins and Reginald Edward Isaacs. He died at the age of 58.

Friday, October 18, 2013

My Maths Work

Mahia's Mural.

I created two murals.