Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Sister's Birthday

   Yesterday it was my sister’s birthday and she turned 21. We didn’t have much planned for her but we still had fun. We put on a little dinner for her and friends. not many people came to eat but we still enjoyed the food. She got quite a few presents from her friends. She got a cross necklace from her best friend Makaira. She also got a special cup from our cousin Shontelle. My mum and dad also got Hare a Kim Kardashian perfume and a DVD player. My sister likes watching Filipino movies so my grandmother gave her some Filipino movies for her birthday. My sister loves all of the presents that she got and keeps them all safe, For now that is. After she opened her presents we sang happy birthday to her and ate a yummy cake. It was so YUMMY. My sister was so happy last night after getting all her presents and after the big feed we had. I can’t wait until my brother’s 21st birthday.

Hanging Out With Jesse

I got a really big surprise when my sister walked into the sports hall at Youth Pride yesterday. I thought I was going to get in trouble for something. We walked out to see my cousin Jesse who had been waiting at my house since 10:50 am. I was so happy to see my cousin because I hardly ever see him because he lives in Hamilton. “Ghee do you want to go skating?” Asked Jesse as we were walking home. “Yeah bro hard out” I replied.

As we were skating down the  road were discussing our plans for the day. “Are you hungry?” Jesse asked me. “Nah not really aye bro.” I replied. Skating in Glen Innes we thought it would have been cool if we went to Sonsk8 and had a ride around there for a few hours. Jesse payed me into Sonsk8 and we played for three hours because I had to be home by 4:00 pm. I was practising how to tailwhip flat and almost crashed into Jesse. I can almost land a tailwhip flat now, but I need a bit more practice.

When we wanted to do a different trick’s we would just move to ramps around so we could jump over them and do stunts on them. I wanted to jump a gap but in order to do that I had to gain speed so I could jump high enough to make the gap. As I rode down the ramp I pushed as fast as I could to get as much speed as possible so make the gap and survive an injury. I pushed and pushed really fast and I jumped real HIGH I was able to jump the gap without injury. getting closer to the time we had to leave Jesse asked if I was hungry and said he would buy us something to eat. I said yeah man I’m starving. We went to Pizza Hut G. He bought a pepperoni pizza. It was YUMMY.

With only ten minutes to get home we rushed to my house fast as we could. Unfortunately on the way home we got drenched from the all the rain that had been falling from the sky. Luckily we made it home in time and didn’t get a growling from my sister. I had heaps of fun yesterday with my cousin Jesse and can’t wait for the next time we hangout.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First Day At Youth Pride

On The first Monday of the holidays I went to a holiday program called Youth Pride. It is at the at Tamaki College recreation centre. I have been going to this holiday program since I was 10 years old. The very first time I ever went it was held at Sacred heart college. We got to swim every day too. But I still have loads of fun at the Tamaki recreation centre. We play quite a few games during the day like basketball, volleyball, touch, octopus, rugby and netball. We sometimes have to do drills when we don’t listen to our leaders. Mike is the man who runs Youth pride for us along with his wife Magret here Glen Innes. I have so much fun during the holidays at Youth Pride. Stay tuned for more about my holidays.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


So far my holidays have been FUN. I went to the pools with my friends Waata, James, Starford, Kingston, Darius, Samuela, Kendrix, Brooklyn and Ashleigh. It was pretty cool hanging out with my friends. It was the first day of the holidays and we all thought it would be cool if we went somewhere. I had so much fun playing ball rush with everyone. We were jumping everywhere and making so much noise we got told to settle down a bit from the life guards. I can’t wait for next time.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Term 1 Reflection

So far everything has been awesome at school. I do get in trouble sometimes but it’s all part of been a kid at school.

This term I have enjoyed the sports that we play after interval. One of the things I am proud of from this term is my poem with Joshua Iosefo and my rap with Gabriel and Kendrix. I had so much fun learning about spoken word poetry. Rapping with my friends was pretty cool. I hope I can get another chance to do these things again.

I have enjoyed everything this term. I have no negatives.

I wasn’t all that organised this term though I will try to do better next term. I didn’t manage my work that was set for me this term because I wasting my time when I should have been working. This term hasn’t been the best but I know I can do better next term. I have worked well with others in my class. I just need to think before I speak sometimes. I make sure I contribute some ideas when I work with others on tasks. I make sure that the members in my group have a say in what we produce in our tasks.

I am looking forward to all the sports and the independent actives next term. One of my goals for next term is to listen more when we are sitting on the mat. Another goal is to finish more of my work in class and focus on what I am doing.

Derelict House

Walking down the road with nothing better to do,  laughing and mocking the cars as they pass by, then all of a sudden I am stopped in my tracks as Kingston excitedly says “Wow look at that crusty old house.”  Standing back we can see the broken tiles, rusty roofing, hanging guttering and dead wood, the house almost appeared to be out of a thriller movie. “ Yeah I agree because this house is UGLY.” I replied.
“Yeah this house looks like it needs to go”!
“ahahaha.” We laughed

Wanting to get a better look we start to walk across the lawn and it hits me, time to see if Kingston will go in. “Go on, Go into the house I say trying to tempt him, wanting to see if he had the guts to do it. I chuckling to myself as I called him chicken hoping that will push him into doing it, “you’re the chicken here” he replies as we both laugh at each other. When really neither of us want to go in. Together we decide to go in, we take one step onto the deck, I started to second guess myself and try to back out, just as I turn Kingston grabs my arm “not chicken are you? What if this house is haunted? Should we go in or should we run, only one way to find out.

Cautiously we begin to open the door, the air is filled with dust that instantly clogs our throats and a musty smell fills our nostrils so much that we begin to cough.  We begin to enter and we see cobwebs everywhere! On the windows, ceiling, walls, cupboards just everywhere. The floors were cracked and broken. Shattered glass and torn wallpaper was scattered over the ground too. Suddenly a rumbling sound came from outside and water began dripping through the broken pipes. “What is that?” Kingston asked worriedly.
“It’s raining outside,” I replied, Just as we heard it again, for a split second we thought of running but our curiosity to check out the house kept us firmly planted where we stood.

As the rain continued we moved further inside, “Hey what’s that over there?” said Kingston. “It looks like a treasure chest or something valuable”. As we get closer and closer to our target, we hear a little rustle in the corner that frightens us. “Ahahahahah” yelled Kingston. That’s it we're out of here”
“Yeah this house can wait for another day”


Raenan & Alex DLO from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

This is what Alex and I have made during the term for Te reo with Miss Tito.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Poem, I Can't Think

NEWS K.L from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

This is a bit of filming of our poem with Joshua


Gabriel and Raenan from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

This Movie is about working hard at school.

This song is dedicated, to all the people in Room 20. Mrs Squires and all the students. It’s all good room 20. It was all the test’s. Narratives, writing but math’s the best. Literacy, Reading that’s my game, I work really hard that’s the blame. Reading Writing is what we do. So if we do it, you should too. Living hard and working well. Bring bring bring. There goes the bell. Stepping and steeping as well play. The game is touch that we play. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. (OOHHH)
You know very well, who you are. Don’t let them hold you down. Reach for the stars. You had a goal. But not that many. Cause your the only one. Who’d do well in life.

Mini Triathlon

A Triathlon is an event that happens all over the country every year. This event includes three sports which are... Swim, Bike & Run. At our school we had a mini triathlon to do on Wednesday. Last year when I was in room 22 we had the chance to have a go at this and it was FUN! Getting to slide on the tarpaulin was the best part. This year Room 15 came to join my class during our time at the mini triathlon. There was a lot of bikes and helmets. We got to to slide on a grey tarpaulin too but sadly I didn't bring a change of clothes.

We got to do star jumps as the kids who brought their gear had fun on the slide. After we finish our amazing star jumps we went for a ride around the field. I was having so much fun riding in the lead of all the boys. There is something called the Transition and you're not allowed to ride your bike in there that's one of the tricky parts of the triathlon.

I put my bike back as fast as I could so I could blitz the boys for the run. Getting to the end of the run I didn't know where to go and I ended up coming third... I had a mean time at the mini triathlon.

At the end of the day I was so happy. I wish I could do another one of these mini Triathlons again. I enjoyed my time at the triathlon.