Sunday, December 12, 2010


This is Teresa, a student from the triathlon team, and she is interviewing famous swimmer Hayley Palmer. One of Hayley's greatest accomplishments was winning bronze at the Commonwealth Games.
Going To The Airport To Pick My Brother Up

Getting out of the car walking in the airport car park going to get my brother. saying to myself yes “he’s finally home now we can play games like touch,kicks with the ball,passes and more”.I did’nt know what he looked like so I couldn’t say his name out loud because it might not be he. But... he hadn’t checked in From customs yet. Running into the Arrivals Department I saw my sisters friend,With her Family just about to leave. 5 Minutes later I was waiting and waiting for him to come out of customs. I went to sit down next to my dad and sister. While sitting on the seat I started to think that he wasn’t going to come out of customs Then I realized that there’s a screen to tell you that the flight is going through customs.My sister said “Go stand up and wait for hem”. Not long after I went to stand up and wait for hem he walking out looking at me and I throught he was a stranger.

Volcano- Active Earth


Jessica Watson

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sleeping at my grandparents house

I normally sleep at my grandparents house in the weekend. Do you think its boring or cool? I reckon its cool because I go out to places with them like... Sylvia park,St Luke's much more. I even go to town with my uncle. I like it at my grandparent house because I have a lot of fun. I sometimes help my grandfather work around the back yard. I bet you might have fun at my grandparents place.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Scientific Classification

Classification WritingScientists classify animals into different categories. The categories different names are vertibrates and invertibrates.

Vertibrates have a backbone. Mammals,birds,reptiles,amphibians and fish are like humans because they are warm blooded like us.

Invertibrates have no backbone unlike verterbrates witch do have a backbone. 97% of the animal kingdom is invertibrates. There are 7 main groups of invertibrates. Athropods have segmented bodies as well as exoskelelton, jointed legs.
Working in silence, surrounded by millions of books, the boy was researching about Mighty Mariners. When he finished he decided to scan his books and take them home to read. “Do you have your library card with you,” said the Liberian “No” the poor little boy cried out.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cross Country

Feeling anxious at the start line, unexpectedly the clappers went off. As we started to run we were clumped together, pushing and shoving. I was jogging and managed to catch up to my friends, Kingston and Waata. My legs we pumping and my heart was racing. I picked up the pace and took off from my friends. As we came into school ground's Mary slipped and I was able to beat her within seconds. Unfortunately I didn’t win but I gave it all my best and made sure that I didn’t stop.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Immersion Assembly

“I don’t want to go to school today! I want to stay home and play games.” I moaned. My mum said "School is good for you so you can learn."

Wow as soon as I got to school I didn’t know how to get around the school because there were builders working on our hall extension. I just followed my friends then the bell went so we had to go to class. First up we had to go to the Immersion Assembly.

Then... we found out what we are learning about this term. Our topic is called Mighty Mariners. It is about people who have made amazing sea journeys. 

I thought to myself cool costumes. Mr Burt our (principal) had heaps of t-shirts on and he wasn't hot at all. His t-shirts represented to all the different parts of his journey to America. 

My favorite team was team 4 because they had really funny costumes on like Erick the Red and Lief Erickson and a pirate.

My second favorite team was team 5 (five) because Jessica Watson (Miss T) was funny with her jokes and she had a hilarous Aussie accent..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jesse Martin

Unexpectedly the wind started to howl. The wind was howling as Jesse Martin was grinding the winch. The strong violent wind weaseling really loudly. Unfortunately as the wind was howling it was so strong that he was walking unsteadily.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Day Our Team Won And Thrashed The Opposition

One early Saturday morning I woke up and like usual I watch programs on my T.V in my room. Around about quarter to nine I got ready to go to my rugby club. On my way I picked up my friends Timo and Howard and we went to the clubs prepared to win or lose but either way we were ready to play. When we got there we practiced with our team before the game started. While we were practicing our teamate Howard got hurt because I was pulling his neck back. So... He started crying. No one knew that he was crying until all of the boys had gone back into their lines. I went to go and see what the matter was. He told me I had hurt his neck and I said that I was sorry and that I hadn't realised I was the one who hurt him. He forgave me and we went back into our lines and kept on practicing with our mates.

Suddenly it was time to play Marist and we went on the field but... The team that we were versing were short of four players. We kindly donated four of our players to make the teams even and the game Kicked off. We had to kick to the other team so I told the boys on my side to mark up and say who they are going to mark so we don't mark the same person. They lost the ball because they didnt lock it in there arm. I grabbed the ball and made a break though the gap. I sprinted towards the try line and slid and scored our team a try. I went on to score another three tries that game.

Marking our players is something our team can improve but for being the first game our team won we were all very excited and happy. Through cooperation we passed the ball well and were able to score a total of 17 tries to 2! We tried our hardest and we won, hopefully next time we verse Marist they will have a full team for us to challenge.

Monday, July 26, 2010

My holiday highlight

The highlight of my holidays is hard to pick because I have too many to choose from and I can’t make up my mind. However one of my favourite days was watching Toy Story 3 at Sylvia Park with my sister Haremate and my friend Timo. We stocked up on lollies, chips, drinks and trumpet ice creams at Pack n Save before making our way to the movie. Soaking up the sun outside was a relaxing way to kill time before our film.

As I put on the glasses I began to feel excited! They hurt my eyes as soon as I put them on, but my eyes adjusted to them as I watched the movie. During a far away shot I took my glasses off only to find that it was fuzzy. I looked back to see an old mum not wearing her glasses. How could someone not wear the glasses in a 3D movie? This was all strange to me because it was the first time I saw a 3D movie.

Woody would have to be my favourite character because of his great attitude. Even though Andy didn’t want to take the other toys to College with him, Woody tried to stop Andy from putting them in the attic. His determination to set his friends free throughout the movie was inspiring. I thought Woody would have just left the rest of the toys but instead he tried show them that Andy still cared for them and that he didn’t think they were just trash. He was determined to get his friends back home. Another reason why he was my favourite character was because he shared the same Champions motto that we learnt at school, to never give up! I reckon it’s a good movie to watch, even if you don’t watch it in 3D.

On our way home we had a race, Stairs vs Elevator. Haremate and Timo raced up the stairs as I sprinted to the elevator. “Oh man! I’m going to lose now” I said as the elevator doors shut just as I got there. When I finally caught it, Haremate was had already made it to our finish line. Timo was a few steps behind her leaving me to scrape in last. “Ahwell,” I said to myself, “Theres plenty of time for other races to win!”

I found a new use for my 3D glasses. Sometimes when I ride my bike I wear them. They act like a mirror, so I can see behind me when I’m biking. Using my peripheral vision when wearing the glasses lets me look to the side while keeping my eyes on the road.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Capture The Flag

On Friday morning room fourteen and fifteen went to play a game on the bottom field. The game is called capture the flag. Once Miss King had finished explaining the rules we lined up like soldiers. We started walking to the bottom field. We all had riverside bands to wear on us so we knew which team we were in. Our class had the red bands and the other team had green. We were eagerly waiting for Miss King to say go!.. Then suddenly we all heard "Go!" All you would have seen would have been children sprinting off in excitement. We were yelling and screaming like the winners of a rugby match.
Little did everyone know that we had taken the time to make a plan to capture the flag. So on the count of three we had decided to all make a break for it, but no one ran! The two front runners were tagged after 2 seconds. All of us at the back were secretly thinking it was better to wait so we wouldn't get tagged. I ran all the way around the side of the cones and turned in towards the flag. I had a chaser on my back but I managed to dodge them. I got past the cone defenders who hadn't noticed me because they were too focused on my other team mates who were in the safe zone.
Eventually I grabbed the flag and stepped out two people on my way back to the half line. "Yeeeeaaaaah!" I shouted, when I crossed the line with the flag. Most of the team cheered for my success. Capture the flag is a great game!

Monday, May 24, 2010

My first rugby game

Saturday the 24Th May was my very first game of rugby for Tamaki rugby club and I was feeling really nervous. On the way to the field we were told that we were to play Carlton Mt Wellington and that last season they had thrashed our team and that didn't help my nerves.

Pulling up to the field we could see a lot of other teams there as some games had already started but we were okay because we still had a full half hour before we had to go so this gave us a chance to go over some drills and warm up.

10.15 (time) the whistle blows and the game starts we were a bit slow to begin with but then found our feet and kicked into gear. Carlton scored the first try which knocked us back a bit but we kept our game faces on and went on to score two tries of our own. Half time and things were not looking to good for us so as we ate our oranges our coach Antz spoke to us about moving up and marking our player and told us we were playing a good game and as a team which he said was the main thing remember we started to feel a bit better.

11.15 final whistle blows the game is over and even though we didn't win we drew even which is awesome considering this is our first game as a brand new team so overall we were happy. On our way home we stopped and brought a cake for my sister because it was her birthday and then headed to the park for a picnic.

The rugby game that we won

After one whole day of rain I was starting to think that our Saturday morning rugby game against Carlton would be cancelled. Finally the rain stopped and I woke up to hear the birds singing and see that the sun was shinning. Realising that our game would continue I jumped out of bed had a wash followed by breakfast and got ready for my rugby game. As we arrived at the Tamaki Club Rooms I could see my team mates starting to arrive too, our coach was waiting for us and got us into practice mode where we had to do tackling drills and passing until it was time to move over to the field we were playing on.
As we lined up on started walking we could see our competitors and from where we were standing they looked bigger than us so the nerves started to kick in as this was the second time that we were to play them and it was in our first game of the season that we drew even with. When we reached our field the coach and referee spoke to us about playing fair and tackling below the waste then he said good luck and we took up our position. Before we knew it the whistle blew and it was game on we went in hard and fast but Carlton scored the first try but we weren't going to let that get us down that we pushed ourselves harder and scored the remaining trys of the first half.
With the first half of the game over we gathered on the side line listening to our coach while we ate oranges which was really good because of alot of us were starting to feel tired. Now feeling refreshed, back on to the field we went and we played harder than we did in the first half and with all our supporters encouraging us it made us work harder and as a team.
The final whistle blew and it was awesome to hear that we won our game, everyone was cheering and clapping even our mums and dads it was a great feeling. After shaking hands with the other team we headed over to the sideline and did our weekly ritual of thanking our parents for coming to support us and this is when our coach announced who would be capatin for the remainder of the season and to my surprise it was me (Raenan).

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just before school finished my uncle and I went to the movies to watch the Tooth Fairy at Sylvia Park. He brought some popcorn and ice-cream for me. We were early so we went to the Warehouse to buy some clothes.Then we went back to the movies and the movie was ready to watch.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Just before school finished me and my uncle went to the movies to watch the tooth fairy at Sylvia Park.He brought some popcorn and ice-cream for me. We were early so we went to the Warehouse to buy some cloths. Then we went back to the movies and by then the was ready.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

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